[GET]The PHP Anthology: 101 Essential Tips, Tricks & Hacks

It’s from Site Point. Here’s a little description-

“A comprehensive collection of ready-to-use PHP solutions!”

* Over 100 easy-to understand PHP tips, tricks and hacks.

* Save hours of time with “copy and paste” ready code.

* All solutions are fully explained by five PHP gurus.

* Learn the very latest object oriented PHP techniques.

* And so much more?

Each chapter of this book is laid out in a problem-solution format. We?ll start with a common PHP problem that you may face, and then provide a concise solution to that problem. In some cases, when the topic warrants it, we?ll give you a brief discussion of the solution to provide context.

The chapters are grouped to cover the major areas of PHP. Inside, you?ll find solutions to the most common challenges that PHP developers face.



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