[GET] All in One Protector Premium 4.03V Online HWID Protect Your Ebooks

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Hi Guys!

Since this is a very useful tool for IMers .. anyway … i checked with Virus with KIS2012 and its free of virus ..i cant scan it on VT since its large (126mb) even you can run this on VM this is a portable exe…so you dont have to install enjoy!

Extensive license management and copy protection
Various types of license management, copy protection, license suspension, including for test versions, are supported

Which product is right for me?
Choose All-In-One Protector
You want to protect PDF, PPT, Excel, Word, flash, video or audio files
Application protection (EXE or APP)
No source code is available
You do not need a complex licensing and want to add a protection in no time
You need to protect the application and additional files (e.g. a complete folder with additional DLL, images etc.)
Decompile protection
Choose Licence Protector
Application protection (EXE or APP)

Protect an EXE, .APP, DLL or Plug-In
Service or web based application
License multiple features/modules
Need full control when and how the licensing is done
Custom user interface
Source Code is available
Licence Protector Home Page

All-In-One – one single product which protects important documents, conference materials, software, company presentations, etc., from being copied and manipulated.

You can protect PDF, PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Flash video/audio files, e-books and images. Applications (EXE / APP files) can be protected without the source code having to be changed.

For Windows and macOS (APP protection)

protect PDF, PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Flash video/audio files, e-books and images

All-In-One Protector requires no programming. The number of files to protect is not limited and it is royalty-free.

Software Copy Protection by All-In-One Protector
Multiple license and copy protection methods including evaluation options are available:

Create trial versions by days, minutes or number of file usage
Content Protection
Software Copy Protection
Product activation – online, by e-mail (automated), by fax and by phone
Snapshot protection
Subscription and perpetual licenses
Single user and network licenses
USB flash drive protection
CD / DVD or download versions
End user interface in over 20 languages
Ready for Windows 10 (32 / 64 bit), macOS High Sierra
Feature Overview

Delivery Options
All-In-One Protector allows you to select a delivery option depending on the customer requirements

Download – this is the standard option if you sell your product online (requires product activation)
DVD / CD – this is the preferred option if your content size is several hundred MB (requires product activation)
Standard USB flash drive or memory card – best choice for comprehensive content or if the customer does not have an Internet connection (no product activation required)
External Hard disk – for really huge content with several hundreds of GB (no product activation required)
Delivery Options

Activation Server 5
Amazon Data Center

Activation Server 5 is the central point for administration of licenses – create keys, lock licenses, change activations or generate reports.

The browser-based user interface includes a Dashboard, which gives an overview about important metrics like result of transactions or hosting usage.

Serial Numbers can be locked or you can change how often a key can be used (e.g. one Serial Number can be used on 3 computers). Any misuse of a Serial Number, which was posted on a sharing website, is automatically detected.

Activation Server 45 includes a complete address administration.

It is provided as a hosting solution, but Activation Server 5 can also be installed on an own server hardware.

Activation Server 5 uses the best available system regarding availability and data loss – Amazon Aurora. Amazon Aurora is designed to offer greater than 99.99% availability. Recovery from physical storage failures is transparent, and instance failover typically requires less than 30 seconds. Amazon Aurora’s storage is fault-tolerant and self-healing. Six copies of your data are replicated across three Availability Zones and continuously backed up to Amazon S3.

Usage Metrics
What would be if you could get insight about:

How many trial versions are installed. That can differ considerably from the downloads of the software
Operating system and hardware used in combination with your application
How often software was uninstalled by deactivating your product
How often certain menu options or program features are used to get a better understanding about how users work with your application
Tell me more

E-Commerce Integration
To automate the sales process, you need an e-commerce integration. An e-commerce solution covers:

Different payment options
Sending out an invoice
Sending out a download link – and most important
Sending out a Serial Number
All-In-One Protector offers different ways to integrate into an e-commerce solution so that you can select the solution which fits your needs.

Create a key list (e.g. 1000 Serial Numbers) and upload it to the e-commerce system
Web Key Generator – The e-commerce system creates a Serial Number on the fly using an https request to the Activation Server
E-Commerce Integration

Cloud Edition – Monthly Payments
Cloud Edition
Monthly payments, no set-up fee, cancellation at any time
The Cloud Edition comes as a full version, but you only make small subscription payments.

It includes:

All updates to a new major release
Free Support by e-mail
Access to the customer portal with priority support
Hosted Activation Server included – either with package S1 (100 transactions), S2 (200 transactions) or S3 ( 500 transactions) per month
This ensures that you always work with the latest technology available. Since all plans are billed on a monthly or quarterly basis, you may cancel at any time and will never be charged again. In case of increasing requirements, you may just switch to another All-In-One Protector version.


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