Get Power Scraper Pro 1.0

Power Scraper Pro 1.0

  • Name : Power Scraper Pro
  • Version : 1.0
  • OS : Windows
  • Type : Social Lead Tool
  • Price : $77
  • Homepage : SalePage

“Finally, no-brainer software that puts all your marketing on Autopilot
With Power Scraper, you can instantly and automatically scrape tens of thousands of targeted emails from social media and use those to sell ANYTHING…


  • Crazy fast and hightly targeted email scraper designed for the sole purpose of going big and making huge money
  • Scrapes leads in a new and revolutionary way…from social media! No one else does this!
  • Competely ethical and safe. Our built in Safe Scrape Technology will ensure your emails get delivered and your accounts don’t get banned
  • Scrape From Facebook
  • Scrape From LinkedIn
  • Scrape From Youtube
  • Scrape From Twitter
  • Scrape From Tumblr
  • Scrape From Instagram
  • Scrape From Google+
  • Sustom Capability

Power Scraper Pro 1.0
Power Scraper Pro 1.0

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