Get Xing Lead Extractor 2.0.2

Xing Lead Extractor 2.0.2

  • Name : Xing Lead Extractor
  • Version : 2.0.2
  • OS : Windows/
  • Type : Xing Lead Extractor
  • Price : $66
  • Homepage : SalePage

Xing Lead Extractor extracts leads from Xing. This tool can captures information such as profile link, name, emails, phone, Fax, job title, academic degree, number of connections, Occupation, Company profile, address, industry, manager, haves, interests, qualifications wants ,profile Id and other important information from Xing.



  • Extract Leads : Xing Lead Extractor can extract your targeted customer’s Xing contact information and complete profile.
  • Keyword based searching : Lead Extractor searches your targeted customers based on your search keywords.
  • Advance Search : Using Xing Advanced search feature, search for members by keywords, industry, location, company, experience level, and more.
  • Specific Xing Page Extractor : Just open your required profiles page in Xing and ZLE will start extraction from the same page as opened in Xing.
  • Auto-save and Recovery : Sometimes computer/software shut-downs unexpectedly; don’t worry you can recover your search results just by one click.
  • Save Viewed Profiles History : Xing Lead Extractor has the ability to save the history of viewed and saved profiles so that already saved profile should not view again.
  • Delay Option : Option to set delay between requests to simulate as is human being is surfing in a browser.
  • Unicode Support : Xing Lead Extractor support Unicode character-set. You can save fetched search results in Unicode format.
  • Internet Failure Detector : Xing Lead Extractor automatically pauses/resumes on internet failure during processing.
  • Open last Search : Software saves the history of last search so that you can start your search from same page from where you left.
  • Contacts Filtering : You can also apply filters to get your targeted contact list.
  • Export Data : Software provides options to save e-mail addresses in EXCEL format, .CSV files (Opens in EXCEL), TAB delimited (.txt files) format.

Xing Lead Extractor 2.0.2

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