Get FB Matic Suite 3.2.55

FB Matic Suite 3.2.55

  • Name : FB Matic Suite
  • Version : 3.2.55
  • OS : Windows
  • Type : Facebook Marketing Tools
  • Price : $33
  • Homepage : SalePage

FBMatic Suite – Dominate Facebook and Youtube market
FBmatic Suite is New facebook software to Automates all tasks in facebook, generates high quality content for unlimited Facebook accounts, and Dramatically increase interaction with users. In FBmatic Suite, You’ll get a Amazing box; FB matic, Face Ube, and Automatic Video Maker. Now Potencial Buyers will instantly know that your product is credible, professional, & worth buying. )
FBmatic Suite will seriously make it much easier and faster for you to get TARGETED TRAFFIC, and make bigger profits, without putting in MORE WORK! FBmatic Suite is a software application automatically Generates high quality content for unlimited Facebook accounts, BUYER leads, steers tons of social quality traffic to any type of supply & produces HUGE revenues online.

FBmatic Suite is Powerful new software tool that will market and promote your business, website, product, affiliate link and offers hands free. You simply press a few buttons and sit back and watch as the software kepps on doing all your marketing tasks on facebook on autopilot. You can set it and forget it, or go sleep while the software generates you leads and cash day in day out. This software tool is so effective to make thousands of dollars online everyday. The best part is FBmatic Suite have 100% money back guarantee with 30 days refund policy, so its safe for you. Get FBmatic Suite Now.


FBmatic SUITE Package :
1. FBmatic

  • A Legitimate”Work Smart-Not Hard Software
  • Software to quickly and Safely Automates Facebook
  • It is a faster, easier, and even more fool proof way to dominate all niches in facebook
  • Generates Graphic Content Automatically *Post Images and Text Automatically
  • Populate Unlimited Profiles, Fan Pages, and Groups with high quality content in autopilot
  • Collect Targeted User Ids By Keywords and Setup Custom Audiences Automatically
  • Join Targeted Group By Keywords Automatically
  • Much More

2. FaceUbe

  • Collects Unlimited Targeted Videos by Keywords From Youtube
  • Populates Unlimited Facebook Group and Fan Pages in AutoPilot
  • Promote Website/Affiliate Links in each Video Posted Automatically
  • Promote Videos Reaches Millions of Potential Buyers Guaranteed

3. Automatic Video Maker

  • Creates Videos Using Videos, Images Or Articles
  • Reuses Videos with Creative commons licenses
  • Populates Unlimited Youtube Accounts and promotes your website/products.

ALL FBmatic Suite Unique Performs :

  • Collect the most popular pictures from targeted fan pages and populate unlimited accounts, pages and groups. Promoting your business in a custom and unique description in each post.
  • Watermarks unlimited images at the same time using the best matermarker in the market. Publish the images in time lines, fan pages and all groúp selected where you are member.
  • Auto Like every new post in any list of fan pages, groups or profiles dramatically increasing the interaction with others users in all your accounts.
  • Automatically reply every comments ii your posts, greatly increasing your activity on facebook in all your accounts
  • Auto reply every message received all your accounts. PM Auto Response.
  • Accept Automatically alt the friend request received in all yoủ accounts.
  • Support Spin Tax to generate unique Caption, comments and replies each time
  • Fully Socket and Multi thread system.
  • Support unlimited accounts scheduled
  • All the process is 100% in AutoPilot. Just a few clicks enjoy free time

FBmatic Suite Benefit :

  • Generates high quality content for unlimited Facebook accounts
  • Dramatically increase interaction with users
  • Automates all tasks in facebook

FB Matic Suite 3.2.55

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