Get PinZon 1.20

PinZon 1.20

  • Name : PinZon
  • Version : 1.20
  • OS : Windows
  • Type : Pinterest Marketing Tools, Amazon Marketing Tools
  • Price : $39
  • Homepage : SalePage

Want to combine PINTEREST and AMAZON for quick automated profits?
Our POWERFUL Software Automatically Pins Amazon Products To Your Own Pinterest Boards To Drive Viral Traffic To Your Amazon Affiliate Links For Huge Commissions – On Autopilot!
Set it up in 3 easy steps, wait for the software to do it’s magic, and watch as your Amazon affiliate commissions skyrocket, without lifting a finger.

Introducing PinZon
I am not going to sit here and tell you that Pinterest drives more traffic then blah blah blah sites combined…
By now you should already know that Pinterest can drive serious traffic!
But who has the time to sit and pin images all day long so that you can rake in the cash from that traffic?
Well I do not! So I created PinZon. This is my own personal tool that I use to pin Amazon products to Pinterest automatically!


Well it is simple really.

1. You enter a keyword and press “Get Products”. This will return the number of images and descriptions that you specified from Amazon for that keyword.

2. You setup your linking structure. More on this in the next section. This requires just a bit of setup.

3. Enter your Pinterest credentials and click “Refresh Boards”. This will return a list of your available boards to post to. Pick the one you want. Then you need to pick how often you want the program to pin. You can specify a random time between X minutes and X minutes. So for example lets say you pick between 5 minutes and 10 minutes. The program will pin 1 picture on a random time between every 5 and 10 minutes. Once you have that set you press “Start Pinning” and you can minimize the program to the system tray and let it do its thing!

I have been pulling down about 125 related products at a time and letting the program post them to a Pinterest board over night. This is so much easier then trying to post products myself!

PinZon 1.20

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