Get TWhatsapp Marketing 5.0

TWhatsapp Marketing 5.0

  • Name : TWhatsapp Marketing
  • Version : 5.0
  • OS : Windows
  • Type : WhatsApp Marketing Tools
  • Price : $57
  • Homepage : SalePage

TWhatsapp Marketing – Mass and Unlimited Sender 2016
Understand how we send messages without limits for Whatsapp
List of 200,000 (two hundred thousand) FREE entries


How it works:
Our program works on the Web Whastapp, our program simulates a person, after all is a robot. He clicks each location configured, glue the message or video or still image and click SEND

Only a screen with simple information to configure and permanently the program will be set up, no need to make any changes.

Numbers or channels:
Our NO CHANNEL USA program, it uses your mobile phone and Whatsapp that is set on it, you can change the phone or the chip or Whatsapp number at any time, this also helps to increase the amount of uploads and daily limits.

The problem of using CHANNELS:
Channels are mobile numbers, usually unprotected countries for spam messages, where those who purchase the uses to send bulk messages to Whatsapp.
They are not always valid (since it comes from places like Indonesia, Vietnam etc.), always block there is no security when it sends, can not know who has received and has to establish a contact channel.

Shipping Quantity:
A Whatsapp 200 sends messages for 4 hours and this only with a number.
Replacing the chip on the same phone you can reach 2,000 daily shipments.
The number 2,000 daily shipments takes into account that you change your SIM card every time.

License and Chip:
The license of our program HAS NO MONTHLY also has no cost for support and its validity is six (6) months.

We sent a list of 200,000 (two hundred thousand) mobile numbers in your region, so you can make a big campaign without worrying about lists.

Quality Index:
Our list is updated, however the rate on our list of numbers that have Whatsapp is 50%

As the program behaves with numbers that have and do not have Whatsapp:
As you import the list into the program and it starts sending, numbers that have Whatsapp are automatically recognized, and messages are sent.
For numbers that do not have Whatsapp the program simply ignores them and goes to the next.

The average speed of shipment, considering text is 400 shipments per hour in a list where 50% of the numbers has Whatsapp

The program tells you the amount sent, dividing into two parts, those who have and those who do not have Whatsapp
Each list (which has and has not) may be exported from the program

As the lists enter the Whastapp:
Our TContatos program is installed on your phone, it atravez you import a contact list in list.txt format, and the program is responsible for registering each contact this list on your phone.

The law basically: 1 – There must be a way out of the list. 2 – It should contain details of who sent
Our program when sending the message will the sender’s cell together.
As the user asks to be removed from the list you should do immediately is our advice.

Establishing an open channel with the customer:
When someone answers your Whatsapp, you simply establish a conversation with him by his cell, after the program works online but the phone is available for answers or chat

Opening rate:
In the course of the day we have seen the opening rate is 100%, this can be seen in his cell in the Whatsapp, after each open message Whatsapp the show for you, surely you are already familiar with this option.


Our support is the online chat, from 9:00 to 12:00 and from 14:00 to 17:00 hours. Our staff will give full support at any time for installation, configuration, doubts etc. We also have manuals in PDF and video in this way at any time you can check if you are doing right or to correct any problem.
TWhatsapp Marketing 5.0

TWhatsapp Marketing 5.0


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