Get YouTube Mail 2016 1.0

YouTube Mail 2016 1.0

  • Name : YouTube Mail 2016
  • Version : 1.0
  • OS : Windows
  • Type : Youtube Marketing Tools
  • Price : $57
  • Homepage : SalePage

This solution is unique, and there is no e-mail system that overcomes
Track the Youtube channels that interest you, and send a direct email from Google for each of them!


  • Do not use your email accounts
  • Do not have to register lists
  • Remove lists LIVE’s own Youtube
  • Send emails using Google
  • Enough 100% flawless
  • No doubt the world’s best program
  • Email Marketing With Youtube!

1 – Do you know any program that sends emails using Youtube own?
2 – Did you know that there is a way to send a VALID email will arrive in the inbox of each email people who have online videos?
3 – Did you know that emails arrive with the sender that is Google itself?
4 – If all this is new to you, read on and see the video of the program running down.
5 – First, I want to inform you that this no doubt is the best program to send the e-mail world, after sending is Google itself
Step by step for you to understand how our program works
2. In our program you capture all emails, the channels you are interested in making your advertising by email
Note that the program is tracking channels you all the time
In this case he finds any number of channels and it can catch all emails to send your direct mail.
No Boundaries

3 – Now understand sending emails, for each channel you captured
Our program has a screen for you to put your message as you like, besides this you can see the channels that are sending as well as their images below the send button
It is not necessary to register accounts.
No need to create emails

It is not necessary to test spam, after all go to the recipient’s inbox
YouTube Mail 2016 1.0

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