Get Viral Image Curator Pro 1.5.7

Viral Image Curator Pro 1.5.7

  • Name : Viral Image Curator Pro
  • Version : Developer 1.5.7
  • OS : Windows
  • Type : Image Marketing Tools
  • Price : $67
  • Homepage : SalePage

‘Turbo-Charge’ Your Income While Saving You HOURS Of Your Time EVERY DAY!
Now the all-in one complete image sourcing, saving, posting and viral bookmarking tool will not only find you whatever free-to-use images you need – for any are of IM at the push of a button…


1. You go to your favorite image source and search for a relevant image.
2. You find nothing there you can use so you close that tab and go to another source. Then another.
3. You right click, save as… and save it to your local disk.
4. You find it has a watermark on it and decide to start again at step 1.
5. Eventually, you find one that, maybe, you can use (You pray it’s really royalty-free – after all, you don’t want to lose your site and income!)
6. You fire up a huge (obviously, licenced) graphic software suite and start resizing, cropping and captioning the image
7. You save the changes
8. You open your FTP program or log in to WP-Admin and upload the image to your site
9. You save the permalink somewhere so that you could use the image somewhere you want (and hope you’ll remember where you put it!).
10. … repeat this ad nauseum
11. Forget how your kids look like, forget your anniversary and get in all sorts of trouble just because you don’t have time anymore for anything…
Viral Image Curator Pro 1.5.7

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