[GET] LOKI Link Builder | Automated High-Quality Multi-Level Link Building

The basic principle of this WordPress plugin that it creates backlinks to your money site and then creates backlinks to those backlinks and other links you might have pre created. So the first tier it creates are just some statics sites like Warriorforum.com Site Info with a link back to your main site.

But that’s not the cool part. The main reason I got this plugin because it creates links to your links. So the links you got to your website get boosted by even more links. I mean, if Google sees a site linking to you and nobody is linking to this site then it would not be as valuable as if a lot of sites would link to the site that is linking to you.

This is also great for getting your links indexed! You can just copy and paste the links you created for your site like bookmarks, article submissions etc. and let the plugin build backlinks to your backlinks. That’s the great thing about LOKI!

So let me tell you the process of how it works:

#1 You install the LOKI link builder plugin on a WordPress blog you own
#2 You put in your main site url and a few keywords that are about your topic
#3 You put in any backlinks you have already created
#4 You get an accounts for web 2.0 sites that you can outsource for $5
#5 You submit the created rss feed to rss directories (can be outsourced for $5 also)

So what LOKI does is it takes your links that are pointing to your site (and the links from the statistic sites it creates), creates an rss feed with content about your keywords from news releases, links back to your backlinks within this rss feed, publishes the content on Web 2.0 sites that you own. Don’t forget that you also get links from the rss directories. Can you see the power from this? I hope so.

You can also add an rss feed from your author account at an article directory or your Youtube account and the plugin automatically adds the new article links or video links to the feed.

Now, if you want to get this plugin I will now show you to get a $10 discount, because I know my fellow Warriors love discounts, right?

#1: Click the link HERE
#2: Watch the video if you want
#3: Click on the close button for the tab in your browser
#4: Follow the instructions and get your $10 discount!

I hope I could help you out a bit and if you have any questions please post them right here and I will try to answer them as best as possible.




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