[GET] PLR Manager Software 2017

PLR Manager is a sophisticated Windows Desktop software application for Pro level organization of your plr products, tasks, outsourcing and more!

Add It Once and You’re Done!

The relational database ties all your products included in the same package together and separately for easy viewing and fast search results. No need to keep adding the same products over and over again.
Easily Access Samples From Your Packages.

Forget about having to sort through endless folders for a cool video, ebook, or graphic you like but forgot about. With PLR Manager, you can keep track of exact locations of each file, plus view instant samples from your packages when you need to.
Rock Solid Software for Windows, and Rock Solid Support.

PLR Manager has already been tested and confirmed to work for all Windows OS versions. And our support for this software is second-to-none.
New “Search Until Stop” Long-tail Keyword Research Tool!

Lightning fast and a TRUE long-tail keyword research tool finder that will amaze you with it’s speed and results! You’ll wonder how you ever did keyword research without it.
Every Purchase Detail and Account viewable in One Spot.

Enter the urls for your purchase download page, seller’s support page, and support email, and go there instantly with a single click. The software also allows you to view the plr license for any package with one click of your mouse.
Keep Track of Tasks, and all of your Outsourced Service Providers.

Planning to rewrite that ebook or article? Keep track of all your tasks and assign them to your highest rated workers in a flash. Or use the built in Word Processor to do it yourself!
Built in Cover Creator Saves You Time Rebranding Your PLR.

Whether you need to create a new cover for a video, ebook, software and more, you can do it fast and easy with the new cover creator.



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