[GET] Laughingbird The Logo Creator Updated 7.2.9 [Windows & Mac OS]

This update does not have any graphics or templates … just the code to update the software. It addresses the issues some users reported when dragging-and-dropping images onto the screen for use with the eCover templates.

Version 7.2.9 Update

Changes in TLC (The Logo Creator) 7.2.9
(this update also contains all previous updates for version 7.x.)

• This update also includes the v7.2.8 update.
(internally, we created version 7.2.8 and then updated once more to v7.2.9)

• This update fixes a bug that was found in version 7.2.7 with the ‘eCover Creator’ mechanism. (When a user dragged an image onto an eCover, the image distorted). This has now been fixed with this update.

•7.2.8 update also increased the speed of the ‘home screen’ … the page that is seen when you first launch The Creator app.



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