[GET] FaceBook Email Profile Searcher v2.5

We had a few people request a way to see if a specific email is linked to a profile on facebook in bulk. Well well came through for you, you now have the ability to upload your own list of email address, and have the program see if the user is on facebook or not, if they are, we will grab you the name and the link to the persons profile. In a later version we are going to be also giving you the persons profile image! This is the ultimate in social networking marketing right here, now you have specific information on email leads.

Safe, Secure, and your only tool to build your socail networking empire!
We do actual clicks when requesting friends, not some non traditional way!

Due to the amount of positive feedback we’ve had on this product we did some major updates to v2.5.

Facebook Friends Requester Features:

Lifetime Updates
Account Search Thresholds
Auto Rotation Of Accounts
10x Faster then v2.0
Auto User Login (You can save multiple Facebook accounts)
Search Pause (Wait Inbetween requests like a real person)
Import Your Own List Of Emails
Export to .txt file then save as .csv
Find Users Name + Profile Links
Easy To Use


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