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So what is Mascot.ly? Mascot.ly is a ground-breaking mascot creation software which is bound to enhance any marketing campaign with custom, branded mascots for any business.Read more details in our Mascot.ly Review article.

Mascot.ly Developer License By Jovana Sumar – CREATE PROFIT PULLING MASCOTS IN SECONDS

Mascot.ly is a super simple to use, browser based software. That means there is nothing complicated to configure and that it will work on any computer no matter if you are running Windows, Mac OSX or Linux.

Once you load up the software in your browser it literally only takes a few clicks to generate great looking mascots for your videos and other projects.

And we have 30 base templates you can use, that means over 8,500,000,000 possible combinations, so your videos and mascots will always be unique.

Mascot.ly Will Make Your Videos Stand Out & Compel Your Visitors To Keep Watching

The Mascot.ly software will be very helpful for:

-Video Marketers. Breathe some life into your and your customers’ videos (compatible with VideoMakerFX, EasySketch Pro, Explaindio, etc.). Make your videos recognizable with powerful mascots that talk for your brand.
-Social Media Marketers. Add some playful mascots to your social media campaigns (Facebook covers, Facebook Ads, Twitter timelines, and so on).
-Online Marketers. Create powerful mascots that strengthen your and your customers’ brands with headers, banners and all sorts of website graphics. Use them in sales pages, infographics, product covers, reports, anywhere you want.
-Offline Marketers. You can run a mascot creation service for offline clients. You can use these mascots as lead-ins to get new customers. The possibilities are endless.
-PLR Marketers. The Mascot.ly owners provide the Instant E-Book Presence software as a bonus (it allows to make e-book covers easily), that’s why you and your customers will be able to rebrand your reports within a few minutes.
-Kindle Marketers. With the help of Instant E-Book Presence you can make amazing e-book covers that will increase your Kindle sales instantly.

Here are the main features of the Mascot.ly software:

-30 Mascots Sets To Work With. With these very detailed sets you can create millions of unique combinations for any possible niche you might work in. No matter what you are doing you can make use of these mascots in your projects.
-One Click Creation. You can simply click the “Random” button and create a loveable mascot with a single click. Try that feature and you might create a mascot you’d never imagine otherwise.
-Build A Custom Mascot. You can change, add or remove any components of your mascots. Just point and click.
-Branding Your Mascots. You can add watermarks, logos and backgrounds to your mascots.
-Browser-Based Software. The new version of Mascot.ly is entirely browser based, so you don’t need a website, server or any technical knowledge at all. If you can surf the Internet, then you can use the software.


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