[GET] SquidMagic Last Version Cracked

Q: Is SquidMagic For MAC?
A: No, SM is for Windows Only (XP, Vista, 7 etc).

Q: Are You Crazy For Putting This Software At This Price?
A: Maybe, but for a limited time.

Q: Is There Any One Time Offer?
A: Yes. A content generator for affiliates (creates reviews) that you can use for your squidoo lenses

Q: Are Review Copies Available?
A: Sorry but no. We already gave them to a couple of users. Please don’t ask for one.

Q: Is SquidMagic Easy To Use? Newbie Friendly?
A: Absolutely. It has a user manual with detailed info and if you have doubts, feel free to contact us (more info below) and we’ll be glad to help.

Q: Do You Recommend Using The Same Content That Other Lenses Use?
A: Big NO. You may use the same “modules” (which is perfectly ok as each module can have different content) but use your own content.

Q: Does it Work for “XYZ” Niche?
A: If it’s Family Safe, Yes. At least, that’s what you can publish on Squidoo.com.

Q: Do I Need Something Else To Use The Software? (Like Captcha’s etc).
A: Not at this moment. We’re friendly with each site we query, but if in the future this is
required, we’ll send an upgrade so you can manually enter it or use a captcha solving

Q: How Many Pc’s Are Allowed Per Account for SQM?
A: 2 PC’s. And you can transfer one (or both of them) to another pc if required. Just contact
us with your username so we can reset your account.

Q: Is There a Refund Policy?
A: For sure, 15 days.

Q: Will I Get Future Updates For Free?
A: Absolutely. Updates Will Be 100% Free.

Q: Where Can I Write If I Need Support?
A: If you need assistance with something, feel free to contact us at [email protected]
every time you require it and we’ll be glad to help (please allow up to 10 hs to get
response – in general we always reply really fast).

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