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Review : Loop Vidio is straight forward solution to getting your videos ranked in the SERPS. It literally takes seconds to create loop URLs that give marketers a fantastic SEO advantage! Well done!

High Authority YouTube Embeds Have Been The Secret Weapon of Video SEOs for Years…

Have you seen the sites online that allow you to loop YouTube videos? You may have wondered why they even exist in the first place. Well, in addition to letting you play your favorite song over and over again these sites actually serve a purpose you might not have known about. What’s the secret? These sites create high authority embed backlinks, a trick SEOs have been using for years now, for any video that’s played on their site. The problem is it takes a while to submit your videos one by to these sites by hand. And it takes even longer for Google to find them…
That’s where Loop Vidio comes into the picture. Loop Vidio was created out of necessity for ranking YouTube videos on Google at the last minute. If you know anything about product launches you’re probably aware affiliates have little time to get the word out.

Often times they don’t find out about them until weeks or possibly even days before the product is released. As an affiliate myself I needed a way to rank my videos quickly! That’s when I discovered a trick other people in my niche were using.

I started seeing loop video sites that were indexed by Google for product launch videos. And I wondered, why would these affiliates want to play their videos repeatedly? Then it hit me, not only would it increase their views, but it also creates high authority backlinks.

Loop Vidio is Like a Press Release Service for YouTube! It Syndicates Videos to Looping Sites.

Let me ask you something… Have you noticed how today’s top songs are played on the radio over and over?

Their popularity is enhanced by repetition. Google’s always looking for signals that reveal how popular or catchy a YouTube video is, which includes scouring video looping sites for videos that are being played on repeat.

If you’ve ever tried to rank a website on Google you’re probably familiar with how they’re always changing the game on you. With all of the Panda and Penguin algorithm updates; it’s no wonder you’ve had so much difficulty finding any success with traditional SEO.

Now, as you’re probably aware Google owns YouTube, and it’s no secret they’ve made it easier to rank YouTube videos on page 1 than to rank a blog or any other type of content. But that doesn’t mean they’re simply going to hand you page one results without a little bit of trickery.

Despite all the trouble SEOs have trying to outsmart Google you have to remember it’s still a machine with the learning ability of a 3 year old.

Loop Vidio makes ranking videos so easy it’s like feeding candy to a baby!

Loop Vidio takes advantage of a loophole in Google and YouTube.
Let’s face it, the only way to rank on Google anymore outside of spending years building an authority brand, is to trick them! The Secret behind this software is it sends high quality backlinks, that are relevant to your video.

Why haven’t you heard of this? Because nobody shares what really works. Or they just don’t know about it. Don’t miss your chance to take advantage of this opportunity!


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