[GET] YouTube Video Scraper

Description of my buddy Chillivanilli who made the tool :

Today I’m releasing a small tool for people who wanna scrape videos of a channel. It’s free and a part of a series of YouTube tools i’m planning to release

This can be pretty helpful in many cases, for example if you wanna get all your video links from your own channel to paste them at a Traffic Exchange website.

Coded in java which means you can use it on every OS which got the latest java installed (right now v8)
Uses my own http request YouTube API which means no limitations.
Extreme leightweight because of http requests only.

The tool has got 2 modes: simple and advanced.

At the simple mode you just paste the channel link and it scrapes the URL of the last (maximum) 100 videos which has been uploaded.

Here you can set the maximum amount of videos which you wanna scrape (maximum 100), for example just the last 10 uploaded videos which has been uploaded and some settings which info the bot should scrape.

You need to have the latest java version installed in order to start the software!
The bot does not scrape the description with purpose. Right now i can only scrape a part of it (it doesnt scrape the text after you click the “show more” button), so i did not add it.

If you have any suggestions regarding this tool, and also suggestions about other things you would like to have added in further YouTube tools, please let me know!


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