[GET] YouTube Video Link Scaper Bot by Laserus

Today, I am deciding to release a bot that I just made for all the people that use YouTube and upload many videos.

I have heard many people complaining because they are uploading hundreds, or thousands of videos, but it’s a huge pain to get all the links to these videos. There have been some bots made, here and there, that grab the links for you, but many of them require you to pay for them, or they are a website that has so many ads that it’s impossible to use.

My bot (which is just in it’s first version), is set to grab your links at a rate of 30 video links every 6.5 seconds. (To improve my bot, I’ll be trying to make it faster, and maybe even function via HTTP requests, but I’m still a beginner, and my bot is still MUCH faster than manually getting all your links ).

Bear in mind, this is my first bot ever. I am a programmer (only been coding for 5 months now), so it’s not by any means the best thing out there. BUT, it gets the job done, and I will be keeping it updated and add new things as the days go on.

I do have to say though, I’m very proud of myself for successfully creating this bot

Below, you will find a video of me using the bot, so you know how to use it correctly!

Obviously, it’s going to be a different experience for all users, so if you have problems, be sure to comment below, and I’ll try and fix the problem!!

Requirements :
.NET 4.5
(This bot currently uses the built in WebBrowser feature in C# (Visual Studio) which uses Internet Explorer as its browser)

Internet Explorer 11 (or later)
Currently, some users have been having trouble running my bot on Windows 7. To fix this error, please download Internet Explorer 11, and all problems should be resolved You can download it here :


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