[GET] SearchClickr – Homemade Google Click Bot (GBot4)

Here’s something I built that I’m glad to share with this community. It’s a google search and click bot made with Ubot.

The main issue that I can see with other bots that do this is that they need to invoke fresh anonymous proxies for every click. My bot is really simple, quite limited and is using a web proxy site (you can see how it works because I haven’t hidden the browser) and it cycles the proxies on the site for every click. You won’t get many clicks (15 proxies) with this, but it seems OK for low competition KWs that just need a bit of a boost.


– Two step clicker: first from the Google SERP, then from a link on the found page.
– Choose if it’s a website or a YouTube video you want to rank for.
If a YT video, the second click goes to the channel page.
If a website, the second click goes to the selected link.
– Use the anchor text of the link, not the link URL for selecting links
– Random time between clicks and cycles. But average time is selectable – hopefully self evident.
– Only works for first 100 results in Google SERPs


Do a search on Google – copy the search term into the Google search term box
Copy the anchor text (not URL) of the required link to click: enter into “Wanted header”
Select YT Video or Website
If a website, go to the desired found page and choose a link by the anchor text – enter the anchor text into the Next Click field
Choose delay time: if this is for your own site, be very careful! At least 60 seconds between clicks and preferably much longer. Make the cycle time at least 600 seconds (ten minutes). The lower values are there for testing only.
Run it, minimize it once you’re happy it’s working and leave it running.

Check SERPs over time and, ideally, it would be great if you could report back your results here.

Good luck!




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