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Traffic Travis is a great SEO TOOLfor beginning search engine optimizers and do-it-yourself webmasters,
offering a healthy range of keyword research and competitive analysis

Its at-a-glance difficulty scores make it a great choice if
you’re not deeply familiar with the world of search engine optimization.

The SEO portion of the software
requires two days of data to report anything significant, so that means
your keyword rankings and some competitive analysis are delayed by two

This is inconvenient, but understandable, since keyword rankings
based only on one day’s worth of data are fairly useless.

Traffic Travis seems to market itself as the insider’s look at SEO
without the hassle of learning SEO. Traffic Travis’Link Finder function
is nice; it pulls in a bunch of different URLs that are ranked for the
search “ + directory,” “ +
resources,” and so on. It isn’t the highest-quality source of backlinks,
but it’s a good place to start.

Traffic Travis has built a helpful “difficulty score” metric into
almost every one of its tools, making it easy to get an idea at-a-glance
of how hard it will be to rank for a term or compete with current
ranking incumbents. It was a bit confusing for us, though, as its
difficulty scores didn’t always line up with the perceived difficulty of
the terms we were trying to rank for. For example, everything is
exponentially more competitive for the term “antivirus software” than it
is for “video editing software,” but the application
told us that the latter is “extremely difficult” to rank for, while the
former is only “medium difficulty.”It’s a good way to get an idea of
the competition, but it’s not wholly accurate.

The keyword research portion of the application is close
to a direct import of AdWords keyword tool data, with a couple of
additional helpful features thrown in. It does a lot of the keyword
suggestion sorting for you, returning a mixed bag of keywords you either
are already targeting or should be considering.


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