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Rank #1 In Google With PandaBot Software

Panda Bot is one of the best SEO tools you can get today.

Why Is It Better?

1 – Imagine if you could automatically have 1,000s users running your campaigns for your keywords and clicking on your URLs — what would that do for your SERP? All with different IPs, all around the US and the world.

2 – How would you like to shove your keyword competitors around like a muscular bully on a beach? You will be automatically bouncing your competitors — clicking on competitors links and in less than a few seconds, clicking back to the search engine result page, — and telling Google that that search entry was not relevant — so get them off the SERP?

3 – How about the ability to click more than 1 page after the SERP. You can set campaigns where each keyword-URL pair has a sequence of up to 20 of your website pages that Panda Smart Browser follows to make it look more realistic.

4 – Excellent reports. There are reports on all your campaign activities. You will be able to tell in minutes how much time you earned, which of your campaigns have run and by whom (City-Country) and how many competitors you have bounced, just to mention a few.

5- The most sophisticated human emulation clicking methodology.

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