[GET] Tumbled | Tumblr Queue Bot

Manual Mode
Makes it easier to post aka One Click Queue

Auto Mode
Batch image uploading to Tumblr

Low Footprint
Only uses about 40-50 mb/ram.

Uses Tumblr API
As long as Tumblr doesn’t change their API, this bot will always work.

Can update if there is a bug (your choice).
That way you don’t have to keep checking this thread.

How To Use
1. Click the question mark if you don’t how to use OAuth.
2. Select Image Folder
3. Click the queue button

Heads up
* Tumblr’s API is fragile, so be gentle. The bot may be stuck on an image.
You’ll have to close it and try again.
* Don’t delete any of the files in the folder. The bot needs them to work.


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