[GET] KeywordGrouper Pro – Group Keywords Into Relevant LSI

Group all your keywords into relevant groups


KeywordGrouper Pro¬ô makes it easy to take any keyword list (long-tail keywords, broad words, questions, LSI terms, trends, etc.) and analyze and sort them perfectly into related groups. Best of all, it’s FREE.

The Most Amazing Keyword Grouper
After searching everywhere for a keyword grouping tool that understood the relationships between the speech patterns of the search query, no tool could be found that properly handled long-tail keywords, broad phrases, and question terms. Enter KGPro…

Big & Small
Whether you have a keyword list of 300 or 30,000, you’ll get relevant groups everytime.

Natural Speech
KeywordGrouper Pro will process your list using the natural speech patterns of your target audience.

Super Easy
Super easy to use. No installation necessary. Works in Chrome and Firefox on PC and Mac.

Export & Use
Export your groups into .csv format for easy usage in tools like Excel and OpenOffice and XMind.


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