[GET] FindMyNiche 1.0 Cracked

FindMyNiche – A better way to research and find long-tail keywords
Find thousands of long tail keywords from Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, Amazon and Google Play store.

Thousands of Long-tailed Keywords Provided

Adwords hides thousands of valuable keywords that search suggest reveals, which is good for increasing Google’s ads competition. You can get about 750 – 800 KWs for free if lucky, but… FindMyNiche can offer the very specific and complete SEO keyword research. After generating thousands of long-tailed keywords related to the content that you enter into the search box, you can analyse them and give a better performance to SEO, (video) content marketing, PPC, and video content (even PPC) on any websites.

Export Keywords with One Click

Every keyword reflects audience’s target. A thorough study of valuable keywords can be useful for your marketing. With FindMyNiche, you can export all of these thousands of results relevant to your targeting topic on the local file to your computer with only one click. After exporting, you can study on them for better SEO, content creation, video creation, PPC and other activities. Note this, we only provide the language based on English.



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