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Longtail Pro Platinum 3.0.28 – Keyword Research Software :


Version 3.0.28
    -Performance improvements when starting up and when deleting or switching projects.
    -Some minor visual tweaks.
    -Fixed issue where country and language were not stored when setting default project settings.

Version 3.0.27
    -Fixed issue where Google Ranks were not being fetched.
Version 3.0.26
    -Fixed issue with chinese character keywords not being able to fetch google results in competitor analysis.
    -Fixed issue with KC not showing in competitor analysis.
Version 3.0.25
    -Fixed issue where, when generating keywords, the All Keywords tab was selected, but the keyword list didn't 
change to reflect that.
    -Changed export back to always be a .csv file, and fixed issue where excel would show jumbled foreign characters 
when opening the csv.
    -Change so that if a seed keyword doesn't generate keywords (because of some kind of error, for example), the 
next time you open the app, the keyword will be removed from the list and added back to the list of pending seed 
keywords in the Find Keywords callout.
    -Made a change to how we fetch Google results so that the Google user interface is requested in the selected 
language for the project, as this can affect the actual search results if the user has their own google search setting 
set to a different language.
    -Added Serbia and Montenegro to the country list.
    -When a user adds their own keywords, we're now removing any duplicates before sending them to Google Keyword 
    -Fixed issue where site age shows ... instead of - when there's an error or not value found.

[Download] : LongTailPro-3.0.28.rar – 4 MB :

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