[GET] [BHPT VIP Tool Release] RankerTech’s Domain Name Generator Software

I’ve been using Ubot Studio for a while and here’s a little app I made that I personally find useful – maybe you will too.

It helps you find available dot.com domain names based on a seed keyword.

How to use the Domain Name Generator

Download and unpack the .zip file
Run the .exe file. It only works on Windows PCs (sorry!)
It may download resource files if you don’t have .NET installed on your PC
Choose a keyword that you want to feature in your new domain name
Name the file you want to save the list as. (No need to add an extension)
Hit “Run” and wait for the program to do its magic
Open the file – all the suggested names are available .com domains

You’re welcome to use it for yourself, give it away as a bonus or magnet – even sell it if you can!
Like it?

Please let me know what you think

This app was built using Ubot Studio – if you’d like something similar but don’t know how to make it happen, again, let me know what you need – I’m sure I can help!

Download :

Your feedback or mirrors are much appreciated.

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