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  • Name : KeywordXtreme
  • Version :
  • OS : Windows
  • Type : Keyword Researcher Tools
  • Price : $47
  • Homepage : SalePage

KeywordXtreme 4 adds over a dozen powerful NEW features. In short, Kx4 is the ONLY keyword tool you’ll need to find HUGE numbers of low competition, long tail keywords.
KeywordXtreme 4 solves the problems that plague many other keyword tools…
In version 4, everything has been streamlined. Each of the 3 modules (Brainstorm, Research, and Analyze) have their own tabbed section. You can instantly switch between modules with a single click.

Plus, each module offers powerful — and highly INTUITIVE — options that require only simple text box input and a couple of mouse clicks.

Within minutes, you’ll be up, running, and finding profitable keywords!


Kx4 gets its data from the “auto-complete” databases of:

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo!
  • Ask
  • AOL
  • YouTube
  • Yahoo! Video
  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Google Shopping
  • Nextag
  • Google Images
  • Google Play

  • Kx4 lets you discover THOUSANDS of long tail keywords in a matter of a few clicks…Gone are the days of having to endure tedious and time-consuming scraping and sorting procedures because of your “old” keyword tool’s limited capabilities.
  • Kx4 pulls keyword data from 13 different data sources — for super-low competition…It’s simple… if everyone pulls their data from the same source, the competition is going to get FIERCE. But, with over a dozen data sources, those worries are a thing of the past.
  • Kx4 collect keywords from each source’s “auto complete” database — for optimal results…Auto complete keywords are PRIME keywords. Why is that the case? Because they are keywords that are being ACTIVELY searched for by REAL USERS.
  • Kx4 has a POWERFUL “wildcard” feature that lets you find SUPER-TARGETED keywords…As you’ll see in the examples below, the wildcard feature opens the door to a wide variety of uses and opportunites… IT’S AMAZING.
  • Kx4 is easy, intuitive, and FAST…In fact, it’s so simple that you might not even need the detailed video training I provide.
  • Kx4 is incredibly flexible…You can search for keywords in 70 countries and languages.
  • Kx4 is deceptively simple, amazingly powerful, and lightning fast — it’s an affiliate marketer’s DREAM COME TRUE. You’ll absolutely love it.
  • Find virtually UNLIMITED article ideas that people are ACTIVELY looking for.
  • Find product ideas to sell to highly-targeted groups of customers.
  • Brainstorm profitable niches.
  • Find long tail keyword phrases within specific niches.
  • If you’re a mobile app developer, you can scrape Google Play… and also find app counts in the Android market.
  • Scrape Google Images if your site depends on image traffic.
  • Scrape Amazon, eBay, Nextag, and Google Shopping to instantly generate product-related keywords.
  • Scrape Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, and AOL for “general” keyword ideas.
  • And MUCH more!




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