Get Keywords Factory 1.0

Keywords Factory 1.0

  • Name : Keywords Factory
  • Version : 1.0
  • OS : Windows
  • Type : Keyword Tools
  • Price : $47
  • Homepage : SalePage

Keywords Factory come with over 150,000+ pre-analyzed keywords in 3000+ rare niches. You can apply filters to find only the niche and keyword that you really need, use it as a niche discovery tool to find out hidden gems under radar.
The robot will run on a server to continue scanning niches and do all kind of keyword research work on the cloud, all you need is just open up the software to look for the result.
With the combination of Keywords Demon and Keywords Factory, you will have the complete winning system to find best of the best keywords for your SEO projects and gain an unfair advantage over your competitors!


  • 1- Year Membership Access To Keywords Factory Database
  • Our Desktop Software To Display Keywords Factory Database WITHOUT the need of your web browser.
  • Advanced Filtering and Browsing of Keywords Factory to quickly and easily find the golden keywords that are right for your business
  • LIVE Daily Updates of new keywords and niches added to Keywords Factory

Our robot scrapes tons of unique niches and keywords, does ALL the keyword analysis for you on a daily basis, and publishes the results on our web database.
We even made a desktop software to display the data, so you don’t even need a browser to use it.
This project is called “Keywords Factory“, it currently holds over 136,085 keywords in over 3,350 different niches and it will continue to grow daily. The amount of work that has been done by Keywords Factory is priceless.
Imagine if you hired a freelancer to do all this work for you, how much you will get charged?
If you only pay him $100 a month, then you will have to spend $1,200 a year to achieve what we already have waiting for you.
Keywords Factory will help you discover untapped niches that you will never come across on your own.
You can easily find a lot of unique niches that you can easily dominate with minimum effort.
All the heavy lifting work has been done for you, no extra work required, just browse and pickup the keywords you need.
Furthermore, with the special designed search and filtering function in the software, you can now get your desired result with just a few clicks of your mouse.
Keywords Factory 1.0
Keywords Factory 1.0

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