[GET] Ultimate Scraping Footprints – All GSA, UD, SEnuke & Scrapebox Footprints…

2017 UPDATE !

Hello Blackhatprotoolers ,

I created a list of footprints from many sources.. I use these footprints in scraping websites with scrapebox and gathered hundreds of thousands of websites which can be easily imported to GSA, UD, SEnuke & many other SEO tools to always have fresh websites to post your backlinks to.. Thought it may be useful for other members..

14 Site Types Footprints Included – +1300 Footprints

Blog Comments
Social Bookmarks
Social Networks
Image Comments
Video Sites
Indexer Links

Each Site type in a separate file..

Instructions for the best usage:

1- Import a list of kws in the Scrapebox harvester.

2- Merge one or more platform footprints with the kws ((By clicking the letter “M” at the upper of Scrapebox harvester)).

3- After Scrapebox finish harvesting, Remove duplicate URLs then import the URLs to your SEO tool.

4- After your preferred tool finish identifying and adding the URLs to its site list, Remove duplicate domains from Scrapebox and trim all the URLs to root.. This step is important as some of the SEO tools can’t correctly identify the harvested full URL’s engine or platform, so you give it another try to add the unidentified engines to your list, remember every backlink counts..

Included also with the footprints another file containing 100k keywords to be used in Scrapebox harvester, This list is useful if you’re looking for general sites -not a specific niche sites-. Just make sure to have a lot of proxies before you start harvesting if you intend to merge the footprints with the whole 100k kws.

Happy harvesting

Download :

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