[GET] TubeIncreaser 5.0 – YouTube Marketing Tool

This software is called TubeIncreaser 5.0. Be warned that this is not the 2.1 version which uses proxies to send more views to your videos.

This is something greater. It sends your message to everyone you require.
You can send videos, messages etc. If you are a YouTube marketer with quality videos but just don’t have the traffic, then this this the right software for you. The YouTube hourly message sending limits does apply.
Make sure that you modify each message, just a little bit so you don’t get flagged for spam.

VIRUS Total Results

There is a 2/47 detection ration but that is due to the presence of the crack file. This file is actually from the VIP section of a forum so enjoy Passed to me by a good Friend.

If your unsure, then you can always run this via Sandboxie or VMware. Now being you guys being Heavy users of cracked Programs, Should ALL have VMware Installed or at Minimum Sandboxie

Instructions :

1) Run Setup -> Install.
2) Copy crack over to install directory.
3) Enter anything for serial.
4) Enjoy premium version of the software.

How to make money with this :
1) You can send your videos, sites to people which may automatically result in conversions and hence more $$$.

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