[GET] Instagram Username Availability Checker Tool + Banned Accounts Checker

This program checks availability from a text file list of usernames.

It also detects banned accounts.

This program sends POST data to the Instagram sign-up page to determine if a username is available with 100% accuracy.
It checks ~7 usernames per second, ~400 per minute, or ~24,000 per hour. Proxies supported.

After each 1,000 or so usernames checked it must pause for 30 seconds due to restrictions on Instagram’s server.
This program is actually single-threaded and requires no proxies.

Unlike nearly every other username checker, this program outputs no false-positive results.

Most other checkers function by simply checking to see if “https://www.instagram.com/[username]/” exists.
The problem with this is that just because there is no profile for that username, does not mean the username is available.
For example: consider the username “falsepo”. Even though “https://www.instagram.com/falsepo/” does not load, if you try to use that username you will not be able to.

This program bypasses that problem by using a different method.


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