[GET] XSitePro Version 2.53.4272.27983

Brand New Features in XSitePro Version 2.53.4272.27983

Windows Application | Intellimon XSitePro 2.53.4272.27983 | 261.9 Mb

New Design Resources : One of the best-loved features of XSitePro is the comprehensive selection of high-quality design resources, including full website templates, and in version 2.5 we’ve taken that to a whole new level

Domain Registration and Hosting : What was once a cumbersome and time-consuming task is now fully integrated into XSitePro version 2.5. Using the in-built domain registration and hosting tool you can have your site published in minutes.

Twitter Share Button : New to XSitePro version 2.5 you may now use our in-built Twitter share button tool to quickly add Twitter share functionality to your web page content. It’s never been easier for people to promote your pages onward, driving yet more people to your site.

Facebook Like Button : With only a few clicks of the mouse you can add great-looking Facebook recommend/like buttons to your web page so that Facebook users can recommend your page content to their network of friends, once again driving more traffic to your site.

ClickBank Advertising : Another great in-built tool for quickly monetizing your website content. Using the Clickbank product link and hop-ad tools you can add contextually relevant affiliate products to your website which have the potential to generate you significant revenues.

Tag Clouds and Lists : Quickly build out the content theme of your site automatically using this powerful new feature – exclusive to XSitePro version 2.5. Use the power of keywords to grow your page-count with unique content the search engines will love.

Quick Pages and Quick Content : In the latest release of XSitePro we’ve added even more stylish Quick-Page designs for your use, and we’ve also added the amazing Quick Content tool with which you can add in-page elements in a matter of seconds, making your pages look just great.

Keyword Re placer : Yet more ways in which you can monetize your site content, this brand new feature in XSitePro version 2.5 allows you to instantly turn your relevant keywords into affiliate product links, right the way through your site. In seconds!


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