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Mass respond to emails for POP3/IMAP/SMTP, aol.com, gmail.com, gmx.com, hushmail.com, mail.ru, outlook.com, yandex.ru and yahoo.com accounts
ResponderKing is an advanced autoresponder that can respond automatically to emails you receive for some of the most popular free email providers. To respond to emails the program can use either POP3/IMAP (to read) and SMTP accounts (to send) or it can use the web interface of the supported networks to access your accounts. The program can login to multiple accounts at once. You can load a list of mixed accounts and the bot will recognize the email service for which to use it.
Using the advanced filter system you can have the program respond only to emails you want, or respond differently depending on the sender.

Winsock based
Runs in multiple threads (multiple accounts at once)
Filters support – only respond to emails matching a given criteria
Create multiple templates
Attachment support
Integration with our RemoteCaptcha system More Info
Delayed responses – do not respond immediately
Powerful variable support What’s this?
Advanced Proxy Support More Info
Free updates with our automatic update system
Can be controlled remotely More Info

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