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With MailDump Expert you can extract all your email messages from your accounts. The program can extract messages from POP3 accounts as well as from aol, hotmail, gmail,gmx and yahoo accounts.
You can enter filters to extract only certain email addresses and you can customize the output (choose if you want to output email address, subject, date,body, or a specific text in the body).
Besides extracting data from messages, the program can also add sender addresses to contacts and move messages from Spam/Junk folder to Inbox

Disclaimer: MyadTools is in not associated with nor affiliated or sponsored by Aol, Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo. These brand names are registered trademarks of their individual parent companies.

Winsock based
Runs in multiple threads (multiple accounts at once)
You can define multiple templates with different extract settings.
Integration with our RemoteCaptcha system More Info
Advanced Proxy Support More Info
Free updates with our automatic update system

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