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Speed Demon Backend SEO

Google, Yahoo and also the greatest most effective merchants on the planet all the same thing…

“The Speed of the Site Affects Every Metric You Love”

Speed Demon Backend SEO is an established follow along system for implementing Backend SEO to produce lightening fast websites. It shows customers how you can easily and rapidly optimize their websites for optimum search engine performance. Enhanced consumer experience can result in enhancements in bounce rate, search engine ranking, conversions, page views and reader satisfaction which may benefit the the customers bottom line… money staying with you.

Speed Demon Backend SEO really works together with google and yahoo to set up best practice so it is completely protected from google penalties.

Speed Demon’s wickedly effective Backend SEO supports existing SEO efforts, and supercharges your normal SEO methods to put them on another level entirely!

With Speed Demon Backend SEO You will Learn:

Over my shoulder when i demonstrate in REAL TIME the results of applying these tactics and strategies into INSTANT results!
How you can rapidly and simply lower your customers’ wait time for you to UNDER 2 SECONDS (the miracle number for increasing customers, trust, conversions and lowering bounce rates) without needing to pull out and browse the five inch thick tech manual that is holding up your wobbly coffee table within the family room.
How you can root out and discover ONLY the most significant working members of the site to ensure that you are able to turn your bulky hunk of junk in to the sleek website form of the Millennium Falcon. Time to help make the jump to light speed!
My proven step-by-step system to attaining Google Love and higher rankings (although effectively absorbing all your snail-paced competitors impatient customers).
My secret to attaining the BLEEDING EDGE competition you deserve as well as your customers demand (using these tips you are able to stand foot-to-foot with any web site on the planet).
Advanced home page optimization techniques which will suck your visitors much deeper and much deeper to your site, increasing rankings, increasing conversions, and making you more money when you click refresh in your Paypal account until your F5 button breaks!
How you can turn your overloaded database right into a smooth operator that does not only stores your stuff, but helps turn your website right into a speed machine!
Using these speed enhancement techniques on WordPress sites… PLUS cooking techniques even when your website ISN’T using WordPress!
My About A Minute Trick to compress your whole site. Conserve to 70% bandwidth (and money) although loading your articles double quick for the adoring fans. Seriously, this is massive! It requires under a minute and Google and Yahoo go nuts for this! Using these processes are what Backend SEO is about.
And far, much more…

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