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What you can expect from
the Link Directory Submitter:

– You’ll increase your site popularity in
record time.

– You’ll receive more traffic by gaining a
higher position in search engines, such as
Google, Yahoo! and MSN.

– You’ll stop wasting time manually submitting
to link directories.

– You won’t have to search for themed websites.
We now have more then 2700+ quality directories
already included.

– You will greatly reduce your reciprocal links
from your website because more then half the
directories included in the software require
NO back links to them.

– You’ll cut down the number of directory rejections.

– You don’t have to upload anything to your website.
Everything is done from your desktop!

– You can submit ALL of your sites by using multiple

– The software is so easy, my 10-year-old niece whizzed
through it in a matter of minutes!

– Each link directory in the submitter shows the
directory’s current Google PR.

– You get FREE lifetime updates to any new
versions we release.

– You get fresh link directories to submit to by
simply clicking the Update Directory Button from
within the software, Each month we add between
50-100+ new directories into the submitter.

– The Link Title, Site Description and Keywords
are rotated with each submission to a directory.
This is to make each submission look as unique
as possible from each other, and also to help get
your website listed in search engines under many
different keywords and link titles.

– Import and Export website profiles is now
also included

– Users can now assign a custom color to each
directory in the submitter, this is useful if the
user wishes to use a color coding system to
keep track of submissions or anything else.

– A submission history report feature has been
added to allow the user to export and email a
submission history report to their clients or for
their personal records.


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