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If you own a website or provide seo services then you will know how important it is to secure a top spot on google. Once we manage to get there, then we must continually maintain it. One of the biggest issues we face as service providers or website owners is the frequent updates and changes Google makes to its algorithms.

I know first hand how frustrating this can be, I run a SEO company in the UK that manages over 50 premium clients. If my clients were effected in a negative way each time google updated then I would be out of business. So it’s fair to say that I live and sleep SEO! Further down, I’ll show you a few of my rankings, but let’s discuss what we can do to avoid major fallbacks and adverse rankings when updates are made.

The Basic Principle and Simple Solution

Google Loves Social Network Sites And Is Giving Them More Importance Day By Day

By looking at frequent updates its easy to see the focus and way forward that Google intends to go. From acquiring Youtube to releasing the Plus one button, the signs and intentions are apparent. The vast amount of authority available on the many social networking sites is immense, and we have only scratched the surface on leveraging this over to our sites.

I’m not just talking about tweets or blog posts. Oh yes these are important but what about the areas that most of us always miss – backlinks from image sites, audio sites, document sites, video sites all of which hold masses of authority. Not to forget the immense traffic they have themselves.

Why we usually over look these is because they are tedious to setup and take a lot of hours to link all together effectively. Most just give up without realizing the true potential.

So how can this be easily done?

Make it Simple – And this is the solution I’ve come up with. I’ve made an incredible system that lets users set up ALL the social network sites you need and then links them to 3 popular platforms. It then gets you set for top 10 rankings. Best of all its all white hat and Google will Love you for it 🙂


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