[GET] Senuke Xcr 3.1.37 Cracked Latest

SENuke XCr v3.1.37 Release, Released 9/29/2013

What includes in each campaign :

1st Tier Links :
– Social Network Postings
– Article Positngs
– Wiki Postings

2nd Tier Links :
– Social Bookmarking Postings
– Web 2.0 Postings

Others :
– RSS Feed Submissions
– Pinging
– Indexing
– Guaranteed crawling using linklicious.me (BONUS)

The Most Powerful Penguin Kicker Template :

The Penguin Kicker template is very effective template for SEnuke XCr. This is a custom template which was created after google penguin update. This is working efficiently from that time and I have a lot of happy clients who are regularly ordering this template from my website.

Url & Keywords :
For each campaign I allow 5 urls (same domain) and 10 keywords. My recommendation is to select 4 main keywords and other 6 similar keywords. I am allowing these extra 6 keywords after penguin update to kick the penguin. (Example : Suppose, your main keyword is SEnuke Services, then the similar keywords should be Services of SEnuke, SEnuke XCr Services, Best SEnuke Services, Cheap SEnuke Services etc.)

My Turnaround Time :
My turnaround time is 4 days, but I will try to deliver you the campaign report as soon as possible.

Work Report :
I will provide you complete work report of the campaign, which will contain 100% live backlinks. I will check each backlink by myself before sending the report to you.

What About IP Addresses :
I use Private Proxies to provide different IP addresses which are from different countries of the world. Thus I provide a healthy IP Diversity in your links. You can try this if you need Cheaper & Faster Private Proxies : 10 Private Proxies at Only $5/month.

Is there any chance to get penalized by Google :

If it is possible to penalize any website using SEnuke XCr, then I would penalize my competitors websites first. Thus by penalizing all my competitors websites I would get the top position in search engine easily. So, there is no chance of getting penalized by google for using my SEnuke XCr Campaign.

What is the proof that my campaign works :
Well, search with the keywords Scrapebox Services, SEnuke Services, SEnuke X Service, SEnuke X Services, SEnuke XCr Services, SEnuke XCr Service. These are competitive keywords and my site www.seosoftwareservices.net is on first page of Google for these keywords.

Senuke Inferno :
– Templates
– Scripts

Ticket 2740 –
Pre-created hotmails are skipping

Fixed a issue causing some people to
have errors trying to Authenticate.

Plus the usual site fixes and

SenukeXCr Version 3.1.37 Release, Released 9/27/2013

Ticket 2742 – Make hotmail and precreated outlook use IMAP
Ticket 2746 – Date modified issue

Fixed a issue causing some people to have errors trying to Authenticate.

Plus the usual site fixes and removals

Based off changeset #5607

NOTICE: If you get an error and can’t open/run SENuke, then make sure you have the .NET Framework. It is NOT my problem or fault if you don’t have the minumun requirements to run the program in the first place! To ensure you can run ALL .NET programs without troubles, I recommend you go ahead and install the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5. This is the latest version, and is BACKWARDS compatable. So you don’t have to worry about any other frameworks for other .NET programs. You can download the latest .NET Framework from Microsoft’s site here:




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