[GET] SENukeX-v3.1.36 Potable

SENukeX-v3.1.36 Potable

The Most Powerful Penguin Kicker Template :

The Penguin Kicker template is very effective template for SEnuke XCr. This is a custom template which was created after google penguin update. This is working efficiently from that time and I have a lot of happy clients who are regularly ordering this template from my website.

Url & Keywords :

For each campaign I allow 5 urls (same domain) and 10 keywords. My recommendation is to select 4 main keywords and other 6 similar keywords. I am allowing these extra 6 keywords after penguin update to kick the penguin. (Example : Suppose, your main keyword is SEnuke Services, then the similar keywords should be Services of SEnuke, SEnuke XCr Services, Best SEnuke Services, Cheap SEnuke Services etc.)

My Turnaround Time :

My turnaround time is 4 days, but I will try to deliver you the campaign report as soon as possible.

Work Report :

I will provide you complete work report of the campaign, which will contain 100% live backlinks. I will check each backlink by myself before sending the report to you.

What About IP Addresses :

I use Private Proxies to provide different IP addresses which are from different countries of the world. Thus I provide a healthy IP Diversity in your links. You can try this if you need Cheaper & Faster Private Proxies : 10 Private Proxies at Only $5/month.

SenukeXCr Version 3.1.36 Release, Released 9/20/2013

Ticket 2741 –

articles.org resource box issue

Ticket 2745 – Add sites from master


Ticket 2748 – Projects running before account creation

Fixed a

issue causing some people to have errors trying to Authenticate.

Plus the

usual site fixes and removals

Based off changeset #5597




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