[GET] Hotmail Email Creator – WAT email Account Creator Premium

The bot is completely changed.

Changes to the UI
The browser is not shown anymore
Added a list preview or the accounts created on the interface
The bot use only private proxies now and the maximum number of accounts you can get is the number of proxies * 3 (plus the aliases – 9 per account).

I have reverted to the well known captcha services and you can find them in the tools menu (Death by Captcha, Decaptcher, Bypass Captcha and Captcha Sniper – manual solving is also available)
THE BOT IS NOW MULTITHREADING (it can make up to 50 accounts at once but this will require a lot of RAM and a decent CPU – no more then 10 threads are recommended for an average user or your computer may become unresponsive!!)

It will set the account to receive all emails in Inbox
Will set the account to be able to use POP3
Will bypass the new security verification for aliases

It support private and public proxies (it knows to detect them)
It support HMA (only for hma you can set the max number of accounts that you want, for proxylist this number depends on the number of proxies in the list)
It makes emails with junk filter made to send all emails in inbox and also with POP3 activated so you can use the accounts in SEO or automation software

Enjoy !



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