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Unlimited Twitter Accounts
No Hummingbird Follow or Follower Limits
Automated Following
Automated Unfollowing
Automated Follow-Back
Automated Direct Message Deletion
FREE Updates including NEW VERSIONS
Unparalleled Support
Hummingbird Update (5/09/2012 1:58pm):
New version – Monitor your unfollow numbers to see if this fixes the bug in unfollowing a specific number. One customer has reported an issue with the program not stopping at the settings.

Make sure to check the Blog and Forum for any updates on how to use Hummingbird better on Twitter. They keep changing things and we are always looking for new solutions.

STAY UP TO DATE! – Newest Version:

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Secure Twitter Application
Auto Follow Request
Auto UnFollow Request
Scrape Users Followers By A Twitter UserName
RealTime Pause In between Requests
Find Users By Key Word Or Niche
List Your Followers Who You Don’t Follow
Auto Message Your Un Followers
Auto Unfollow
So much more…


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