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Instantly Unearth High Traffic, Untapped, Real Buyer Keywords With The Most Powerful Keyword Tool You’ll Ever Need!(And it’s so powerful… a legally blind person has used it to rank on Page #1 of Google and start making herself a passive income… stay tuned to hear her story …)

Uses our own proprietary “Money Keyword” formula

Gathers Data From Google Planner

Never before released to the general public

Here’s How Keyword Advantage Is Easier to Use, Faster, and More EFFECTIVE Than Every Other Keyword Tool Out There…

Pulls Data from Google’s Keyword Planner

This is the best source of keyword search volume and cost per click data in the world. Immediately see keyword demand and buyer propensity…

Analyzes Keyword Competition At the Click of a Mouse

PageRank is one of the most effective measures of keyword competition. Keyword Advantage pulls back PageRank data and finds the “average PageRank” of the top 10 websites in Google for each keyword, telling you exactly how hard or easy it will be for you to break into the top 10!

Saves Keyword Data Into Projects (create unlimited projects)

Analyze hundreds of niches and store all of your data with Keyword Advantage. Retrieve your data at any time in the future.

Powered By The MoneyWord Matrix, Our Proprietary Keyword Scoring System

The Matrix is the backbone of Keyword Advantage, factoring in both keyword demand and keyword competition to enable you to quickly filter keywords into categories: Jackpot, Excellent, and Good (Green and light green keywords) are the winners! These are keywords that have the highest search volume and lowest competition.

Step-by-Step Video Training For Maximum Results

When you grab a copy of KA today, you’ll also get access to step-by-step training showing you not only how to use the tool, but how to maximize your results with the tool as an Internet marketer.

I even reveal one of my own personal websites (which gets close to 1,000 FREE visitors per day from Google). I show you exactly how I used Keyword Advantage to leapfrog my competition and rank in the top 10 for over 196 keywords, within weeks!

Withinseconds,you’ll have a complete arsenal of golden keywords that are right in the sweet spot of profitability, competition and search volume….

Keyword Advantage uses a proprietary formula to unearth the “sweet spot” money keywords that will make the difference between success and failure online… whether you’re doing SEO, Facebook or even YouTube marketing.

And because it extracts data directly from Google’s Keyword Planner, you can be sure that the data is accurate and won’t waste your time.

And best of all, Keyword Advantage is clean, simple and easy to use.
So the question is…

Can you afford to rely on outdated keyword tools in today’s fierce marketplace?

Can you afford to use keyword tools that only look for high competition keywords that are out of your reach?
Can you afford to use old keyword tools that only look for low competition keywords that have no monthly searches?

Can you afford to use keyword tools that don’t use reliable, current data to find these keywords in the first place?

And can you afford to waste months ranking for keywords that don’t generate sales?

Then it’s time to move forward…




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