[GET] Gammadyne Mailer v46.0 – Best Mail Sender

Gammadyne Mailer is a reliable tool that you can use to automate your business’s email marketing approach. It can send personalized email campaigns as well as process virtually any type of incoming email, including sign-ups, opt-outs, and bounce-backs. The mailing list can be in a database, CSV file, or plain text file, and there are a full set of list management tools. Gammadyne Mailer’s advanced SMTP engine supports multi-tasking, load balancing, HTML, mail merge, recipient filtering, throttling, and much more.

Other capabilities include tracking, auto-responding, forwarding, list-serving, and follow-ups. But perhaps its best quality is its rock-solid design; it can run indefinitely without crashing or draining system resources.

For over 14 years, Gammadyne Mailer has been grinding through the toughest of email tasks. No email marketing effort should be without it. Gammadyne Mailer is an application that will help you send customized email campaigns.

Key Features:
Advanced mail sending engine
Automated incoming mail processing
List management
Tracks a campaign’s opens and clicks
Mail merge
Database integration
HTML email with graphics
Message preview
Personalized attachments
Direct delivery
Data extraction
Dynamic interfaces
Command line control
No subscription fees
Duplicate elimination
Address Book integration
Works with all SMTP, POP3, and IMAP4 servers

Additional Features:

Wizards will help configure a project for sending, auto-responding, bounce-back processing, opt-out processing, sign-up processing, and list-serving.
Specific domains, user names, and email addresses can be excluded from the mailing.
Outgoing email can be throttled or pulsed.
Round-robin forwarding is supported.
A mailing can be delayed until a particular time, or repeated continuously at a particular interval.
A mailing can be aborted, modified, then resumed at the point where it left off.
Supports SSL encryption for SMTP, POP3, and IMAP4 connections.
Email can be dropped into or retrieved from any email client that supports Extended MAPI (such as Outlook).

Supports DKIM and DomainKeys, when are used to verify sender identity and message integrity.
The mailing list can be cleaned of all illegal, blank, duplicate, or nonexistent addresses.
“Soft” bounce-backs, such as when the mailbox is full, can be automatically ignored (since delivery may be possible in the future). Hard bounces and auto-responses can also be ignored.
Third-party programs can use the Gammadyne Mailer SMTP engine, which is encapsulated in a DLL. The engine can also be accessed as a COM object.

Mail can be load balanced over multiple SMTP servers and networking adapters.
Excessively large incoming emails can be deleted without being downloaded.
The system Address Book can be used as a source of recipients. Data from the Address Book can be merged into the emails, and used to filter out recipients.

The mailing can be performed in sections by specifying a starting and ending index.
Incoming email can be auto-forwarded to different addresses based on various criteria.
Forwarded email can be censored for profanity and racial insults.


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