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Attention: Link Cloaking Software is the first step to preventing commission thieves!

Link Cloaking Software was designed to make creating and managing your affiliate links easy. Check out our Link Cloaking Software demo and see for yourself! We invite you to create an affiliate link with our software and then try to see the original affiliate url. You too can be using this powerful software in just minutes!

You may already be using an affiliate link cloaker. If you are, please take a few minutes to compare your software to Link Cloaking Software. If you are using a desktop link cloaker, and still have to upload a file to your web server, I encourage you to look at buying a web based link management solution such as Link Cloaking Software. If you find that your current link cloaker works great, I will understand if you don’t want to use my software. I won’t take it personal, I’m actually glad you have a tool to use that you like! But, if you are like hundreds of others, you really need to consider a link cloaker!

I designed Link Cloaking Software to be easy to install and easy to use
I want to make your life easier…not more complicated than it already is!

I have used a few other link cloakers in the past, but most were more complicated or had bells and whistles that I didn’t need! Why spend more money than you actually need to? You wouldn’t buy a Porsche or Lamborghini when you just need a car that’s safe and fuel efficient to get around town would you?

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