[GET] AddMeFast Bot 100% Working

Addmefastbot latest cracked !

I am not cracked that F****** tool, my best friend cracked this tool for just to take revenge of that fucked guy, now take it use it and make sure to share it in some where else friends. Enjoy guys because I love Blackhatprotools

You can share it with anyone you like to any where any place .

I love revenge


The Speed
The bot generates an average of 2500 points per hour, If all the services are being used. This is faster than any other bot offers.

Anti Bot-ban technology
Tired of getting your AddMeFast accounts suspended? This bot uses an Anti bot ban technology to offer you maximum protection levels.

Multiple networks
Choose from multiple networks including (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, SoundCloud, Google+, StumbleUpon, YouTube, TSU) .. More to come soon!

Proxy support
The bot offers proxy support for safety precautions if you’re using more than one programs on single system, make sure you use proxy to stay safe!

Built-in update notifications
Now get notified about the latest updates while you’re working with the bot, you have the choice to download or continue working and update it later when you desire.

Zero crash rate
It comes with built-in crash protection, let it run for hours, days or a whole month without facing even a single crash.

Socket based technology
We use socket based technology which is faster and more reliable compared to the Browser & iMacros bots available out there!

Captcha support
Some services such as Instagram and Soundcloud asks for captchas, we have a built in captcha entry support with API support (using DeathByCaptcha). Also support GSA Captcha Breaker.

Multi social accounts feature
As the title says, you can add as many social accounts you want to work with single AMF account, which will help you prevent bans and generate even more points!

Custom wait times
You can choose to wait between a successful and unsuccessful operation for the safety of your social network accounts.

Take a complete control over bot start/stop timing with 3 scheduling options. (Stop Bot after generating specific points, Run Bot for xx minutes and stop for xx minutes, Run Bot between start time and end time). You can set the points and timing as per your choice.

Download Links:

Don’t put my name cause he will report me as who cracked the stuff

Peace brother (take also your revenge)

Imp: Can you PM me…


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