14 Ways to Get More Clicks In Your Emails

email clicks, click through rate

Want more email clicks? Want to improve your click through rate?

You need this…

email clicks, click through rate

14 Ways to Get More Clicks In Your Emails

Getting website readers to subscribe to your email list is only half the battle.

The real challenge is getting subscribers to actually click the links inside your emails.

This is where the action really happens.

Let’s face it, if you can’t get your subscribers to click, you’re missing out on customers. And money.

No one likes that.

But the fact of the matter is, a lot of marketers, bloggers and website owners are facing grim numbers when it comes to click through rates.

According to an Email Marketing Benchmarks study done by MailChimp, the average click through rates in email is hovering around 3%.

So, if you can increase those clicks by just a single percentage point, you’re going to be way ahead of the game (and reaping the results).

Now that sounds more like it.

The good news is there are things you can do to boost email click through rates. Here are 14 tips to get your subscribers clicking:

#1. Ask for the Click

Let’s start with the obvious.

If you want your readers to click on a link in your email, ask them to do it. If you aren’t doing it currently in your emails, here is where you can get a jump on seeing increased clicks. Don’t just leave a link hanging there, tell your readers what you want them to do.

Having a good call to action is vital when it comes to writing successful emails. Don’t skip out on that part.

#2. Use Questions

Asking a question in the subject line, will get readers interested.

Now, take it a step further and ask them a question in your email, encouraging them to respond. Even if you don’t offer an actual link to click right away, you can train your readers to click anyway by asking them to reply.

The simple act of asking a question will automatically get the mind engaged. That means they are far more likely to click to respond or find out the answer to a question.

#3. The P.S.

The P.S. has been used for decades by the masters of copy like Gary Halbert. But, don’t think it can’t be used in emails too.

By now, most people are trained to see where you want them to click in an email, but the P.S. can be a magical little space for more clicks.

After you close out your email, use the P.S. to write an entertaining mini story that ends with clicking your link.

#4. Use Curiosity

People are curious by nature, and when that curiosity strikes they have a pressing urge to close the information gap.

That’s a great thing for email marketing because it means curious people are far more likely to click. So use that tactic in your emails.


Offer just a sneak peek of something to build curiosity and then ask your readers to click to find out more.

#5. Give Value

I know you hear this time and time again, but pay attention, it’s important! Giving value to your readers is one of the best ways to get them clicking.

First, it’s going to establish trust. When you offer your readers those little extras (a great blog post, a pdf checklist) that apply directly to their needs you’ve already got a foot in the door.

It makes it a lot easier for them to click on your offerings the next time, knowing you’ve been giving them good stuff.

#6. Vary the Length

This is another trick you can try to see if it has an impact on your audience and who responds. There are times a super long and in-depth email can get readers so excited for what’s next it’s a no-brainer to click on the link.

But, there are other times a quick, short and punchy email that has just a line or two plus a link gets results. When readers see an email like that it’s pretty clear exactly what you want them to do (but don’t forget to say it anyway).

Adding variety of length to your emails is a good way to wake your subscribers up and pique their interest to see what’s coming up next.

#7. Speak Directly to Your Reader

As much as some of us would hate to admit it, we all know what everyone’s favorite topic is: themselves. So use that knowledge to make your emails and especially your click through call to actions not about you, but about them.

Not too long ago, ContentVerve did an interesting case study where they saw a “90% increase in CTR by changing one word in the button copy.”

What was the change? “You” to “my.” Instead of “click here to get your trial” try “click here to get my trial,” it makes a difference.

#8. Test, Test, Test

Yup, we’re back to that again. If you aren’t testing, you need to start, like now.

The only way to truly be able to see exactly what is working to increase the success of your click through rates is by testing. To start simply, try tweaking with the call to action and the actual link (or button) copy.

When something works, pat yourself on the back, and then test some more.

#9. Use Social Proof

One of the best ways to get people to do something is to tell them their friends are doing it too. You know, the whole “if all your friends were jumping off a bridge, would you?” phrase your mum pulled back in the day.

The irony is, psychology tells us that yes, most people would. Whoops.

The good news is we can use that psychology in the form of social proof to highlight to our readers that people who are just like them are taking action.

One common tactic is to use case studies and testimonials as part of the call to action and links themselves.

#10. Make it Clear

If you are stuck with incredibly low click through rates, take a look at your emails. Part of the problem could be the design hiding your links.

Since no one can tell where your links even are, it’s likely they won’t even know what should be clicked. If it looks like your links are getting lost in the design, you want to change that up, as soon as possible.

Your links should be so clear that anyone just skimming your email should know exactly where they are if they want to get clicking.

#11. Use Segmentation

One of your best defenses against poor click through rates is segmentation. You want to segment your main email list down into smaller groups that share similar interests and behaviors because they are going to be more likely to click.

Here’s an example: Your list is focused on people who want to lose weight. Knowing your audience and segmenting out say pregnant women can pay off.

Here’s why.

When you offer a product that teaches new mums how to dissolve baby fat, the “pregnant women” segment of your list is going to be very interested and you’ll see much higher click through rates (and purchases).

If you sent that product to your whole list, the rates would be dramatically different.

#12. Improve Subject Lines

The fact of the matter is, if you can’t get your subscribers to even open your emails, there is no way they are actually going to click on anything.

So, if you are seeing really low open rates (lower than 20%) you want to tackle that. One of the best ways to get more open rates is to kick your subject lines into gear.


Throw away your boring, uninspired subject lines and start experimenting (and testing) with those that invoke curiosity and make them stand out in your readers inbox.

Here are 10 ‘Fill in the Blank’ Email Subject Lines (that made me the most money).

#13. Add Social Sharing Buttons

Adding social sharing buttons to your emails and newsletters is an easy fix that can see great results.

The same concept with social proof ties in here as well. When friends and followers see your email offer being Tweeted or shared on Facebook, it automatically makes them far more interested because of the built in social proof.

This means you have the potential to snag a few new subscribers and potential customers without having to do any of the major heavy lifting yourself.

#14. Be Mobile Friendly

You know the stats by now, approximately 50% of people are viewing their email first on their mobile devices. You know that number is only going to rise over the coming years.

So, be aware of it now. Pre-read your emails on a mobile device and see how it looks. If everything is slightly off, then you’re in trouble before you even start.

Switch to a template that offers a responsive mobile friendly design and you won’t have to worry about losing readers and potential customers because your message isn’t getting through.

These fourteen tips should help you increase your email click through rates.

Remember, if each of these small tweaks increases your click through rates even a few fractions of percentages, all that adds up to something.

Higher click through rates and more money in your bank account.

Who doesn’t like that?

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