11 Email Marketing Campaigns Every Business Should Be Running

Too many brands are blowing it when it comes to email marketing. They’ve got to stop.

Truth is, in today’s marketing if you don’t have any email marketing campaigns you’re likely missing out on money.

A lot of money.

No one likes that. Smart marketers are all about embracing email right now. And that doesn’t mean just banging out one autoresponder campaign and calling it a day.

Nope, that means they understand there are multiple email marketing campaigns they can use throughout the year. These campaigns are designed to give value to your subscribers and boost your return on investment over the long run.

These are examples of types of campaigns every single brand and marketer can use.

Ready to take a look?

Here are 10 email marketing campaigns to boost sales, retention and customer satisfaction:

# 1. The Welcome Campaign

This one should be pretty automatic for most sites. You’d think at least, but here’s a shocking stat: 33% of online retailers in the U.S. don’t send a welcome email.

Oof, not good. A welcome email is your first chance to make a good impression, don’t mess that up.

You never want to have someone sign up for your email list and not get anything back from you.

Ideally a welcome email will be included as the first email in your main autoresponder series. If it isn’t campaign like this can take care of that for you.


# 2. Shopping Cart Abandonment

Here’s another chance to dramatically improve sales and return on investment for online retailers and eCommerce shops: the cart abandonment campaign.

Sometimes visitors will head to your site and be all excited to buy until…

…they don’t.

Look, it happens. Sometimes they get cold feet, sometimes they get distracted before clicking “buy,” sometimes your site could have a glitch you didn’t even know about.

A shopping cart abandonment campaign will take care of that and more. You can use the campaign to remind people they have goods in their cart, ask if something went wrong, or even offer a coupon.

Need more proof? How about according to studies, almost 21% of cart abandoners will return back and buy (usually more).

# 3. Transactional Campaigns

These aren’t quite as “sexy” as some of the other campaigns, but they do the job just fine.

These types of emails will include:

  • Order confirmations
  • Delivery confirmations
  • Delivery tracking
  • Invoices
  • Receipts

Now, lots of marketers don’t realize there is a huge opportunity to be had with these types of emails to forge relationships, offer value and promote your brand.

Why? Because people open these emails at huge rates, up to over 70%. Don’t let the opportunity go to waste when it comes to making a connection (or taking a chance to sell) in these emails.

# 4. Sales Campaigns

You never want to miss a chance to tell your customers there is a sale. So why aren’t you sending out an email campaign letting them know?

If you’re not doing this, it can be a huge mistake.

You don’t want to just rely on people stumbling upon your website and discovering there is a sale. If you do it that way, you’re missing out on money in your pocket.

Plus, keep in mind some of the few things get people clicking emails like the idea of saving money on something. So set up a campaign to remind your list. Tell them you’ve got a sale coming, when the sale has arrived, and if they are going to miss out.

# 5. Lead Nurture Campaign

When most marketers think of email campaigns, the lead nurture is what they think of. This is the standard campaign most brands run.

The main goals of this type of campaign is you are building the foundation of a relationship with your list. Too many brands rush into the sell.

Don’t do that.

Instead really get into the heads of your list, understand their emotions, the needs that they have and that they might not be ready to buy…yet. When you can get to the heart of all that before you start pitching, you’re list is going to be much more receptive.

lead nurture

# 6. Testimonial Sequence Campaign

Some of the best tools you have for getting more sales are your current happy customers. Now, the question is, are you even using them in your campaigns?

If the answer’s no, get on the horn right now and start rounding some up. Ask them to give you testimonials, what they love about your product, service or brand. Ask them if you can use their story as a case study to share with others.

Get them involved.

Then round all your glowing testimonials into a campaign. Give your list buckets of proof from the all the happy customers who love what it is you do.

# 7. Referral Sequence Campaign

Remember when we said your happy customers are great sales tools? You shouldn’t have forgotten that already…

Anyway, they are. Not only because they can give you bucket loads of testimonials, they can also help you out with referrals.

Now, most people feel a bit awkward asking current customers for referrals, so they just end up avoiding it. Instead, why don’t you automate it?

Have a campaign that goes out to your current clients and gently ask for them to let you know about three people who would love your brand. It doesn’t even need to be three, it can be one person, that’s all it takes to make a difference in your bottom line.

# 8. An Onboarding Campaign

This is another one a lot of brands don’t do. It’s getting a lot more common in SaaS or other software type companies, but that doesn’t mean you can’t apply the same idea to your brand.

The biggest thing here is you walk new subscribers through your product or service. Tell them what they can expect from you. Tell them how they can use your product for the best results. Tell them your three favorite secret hacks that’s help your product make your life so much easier.

All that can make a difference. Plus it gives you a chance to really showcase your product and connect with your customers. A big win on both accounts.

# 9. Event Campaigns

This type of campaign can work for online and offline businesses. Think about that webinar you have coming up in a couple of days, have you sent your list a series to let them know it’s happening?

What about the speaker panel you’ve set up in two months. Have you sent out your invites and reminders?

Those are just two examples of how you can set up an event campaign. You don’t want to miss out on giving people a heads up you have an event coming up. Especially if you are using that event to generate sales or grab new prospects.

Don’t forget to tie in a few emails that follow up after the events as well. It’s a great way to grab a few extra potential customers.

# 10. Reengagement Campaigns

Reengagement has been getting more traction the last few years. Basically, it’s a good way to help “purge” your email list of people who aren’t interested and no longer opening or clicking.

After all, who wants to have a list of people who haven’t even opened one of your emails in eight months? The answer to that one is easy: no one.

If people aren’t engaging after a while, then it’s time to find out who they are and purge, purge, purge!

That’s where the reengagement campaign comes into play. Once or twice a year send these out to your list and use it to encourage them to come back and check out your site or buy.

#11. Customer Feedback Campaign

Customer feedback is sooooooo valuable. You are asking for it, right?

No? Get started.

First, you can get tons of awesome information from customer feedback. You’d be amazed at what your customers can tell you that you had no idea was happening or could be an amazing improvement.

Plus, it helps get those warm fuzzies going from your clients. Asking for their feedback shows you actually care. You want to know what they think and you want to improve their experience.

It helps showcase you’re all about them. Always a good move.

Well, there you have it.

I hope by showing you ten different email campaigns you can understand you have a ton of opportunities to interact with your list. Using email campaigns to improve your relationship with your list is going to have a positive return on investment.

We all like that.

One last thing…

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