Adam Horwitz Interview, 6 Figure Secrets Of A Teenage Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate Marketing, Squeeze Pages and Video Tutorials – What’s It All About?

Last week I was on Skype with a new friend of mine Adam Horwitz brainstorming, masterminding and generally picking each others brains. Since doing this interview, Adam has launched a brand new site about how he makes $100,000’s from Mobile, visit Mobile Monopoly to find out more!

What was cool for me is that Adam is even younger than me and I was thinking I just don’t interview enough really young internet entrepreneurs. This interview partially corrects that. The thing I love about the Internet is the lack of Age Discrimination – no matter if you are a teenager (or even younger) or someone who is long retired the Internet provides opportunity for all.

There are quite a number of highlights in this Podcast interview (Transcript also below) – information on Video Marketing, Squeeze Pages, Pay Per Click, Adwords, CPA offers, Affiliate Marketing, Clickbank and Google Trends to name just some – but I think Adam’s reply to my last question (Any last little bit of advice?) is in fact the biggest take-away in this interview. One of the main reasons people don’t become successful online is because they never start, a lot of what we do is a system that anyone can and should copy!

If someone says, “There’s no way, you’ll never make money online, everything’s a scam online, blah blah blah, they’re lying. You don’t have to listen to what other people says – trust me, I went through that day in and day out with my friends and stuff. They did not believe that I could make money online, and then as soon as I did, I think their jaws dropped to the ground. So JUST GO FOR IT!

OK, I know that has been said so many times before here – but really it cannot be said enough. I was fortunate, my family was very supportive of my online career and being self employed, but I just like you had plenty of people sneer at me, try to poke fun of me – especially when I set up my website.

Have the ultimate revenge – Laugh All The Way To The Bank!

On a very personal aside – I was anything but an A-Grade Student at School but my Mom recently bumped into one of my former school teachers who apparently is now following my online career. I think to be fair, I frustrated that teacher and there must have been days when she teared her hair out over me – but she did tell my mom she always knew I would be an entrepreneur. For those that don’t know, I was the School Tycoon – selling Pokemon cards amongst other things.

So as you can see – Success is not only about laughing all the way to the bank.

Like myself Adam has been a little naughty in this Internet Career (ask him about Dirty Laundry) – but the amazing thing I find about so many successful Internet Entrepreneurs is how they just keep trying – until something eventually works! Adam is one of those – plus he has had a fair amount of fun along the way – as you might expect from a Californian Teenager.

There are lessons here for everyone – not matter what your age or what level of success you have had up to now.

This Podcast is a great listen – I just listened to a play back and I am quite proud of what we managed to cover here.

Enjoy and as always, I look forward to your comments.

To Our Success


PS: I have used this quote before – but it is one definitely worth repeating — and especially worth noting for those of us who are afraid to TAKE ACTION:


Action Diminishes Fear, Action Creates Success


Adam Horwitz Interview Transcript

Michael Dunlop: Michael Dunlop from , and today I’m with Adam Horwitz, and he’s an 18-year-old young entrepreneur who runs two six-figure businesses and has a great story. And hopefully today we’re going to share some great tips with you guys about how you can be online and start making money. So welcome, Adam.

Adam Horwitz: Hey, what’s up?

Michael: Hey. So all right, I first want to just quickly touch on your first online business, because it was really entertaining listening to you the other night. Let’s quickly run over your parties Website and how that one went.

Adam: All right. Well, when I first started, I was about 15, and there was actually this Website that started up at school about – it was called “Dirty Laundry,” and it talked about all the gossip of the kids around the school. It got banned pretty much within three days of starting, but all the kids went to it, and they loved it. It was like a blog setup. And so I thought that I had – when it went and stopped – I have no idea why it stopped – of course it was the legal purposes. But I decided to start up my own one that was kind of a twist, but the legal version. And I started putting up parties, when parties were going to be in Los Angeles, because that’s where I’m from, and just telling people stuff about events and all that.

But it kind of got out of hand eventually because I’d have 800 people show up to a house where it would be like a closed party for only like 20 friends, and then another 400 people would show up at another house where the parents would only be there because the party was supposedly canceled two hours before, and I would get all these phone calls and just go crazy from that. So I had to stop that pretty quickly, but it was fun while it lasted.

Michael: Sounds wicked. So after that, you did another Website and you played around with a couple of other ideas for making money. But I understand you started making some real money when you played with PPC, pay-per-click, and affiliate marketing. And one thing is you started selling chicken coops, I believe.

Adam: Yeah. Well, when I first started with affiliate marketing, I was just researching… well, originally I went to StomperNet with my father as a guest, and that kind of opened the doors to me to see that there is potential out there for making money online. I hadn’t really learned much when I was there, because I was kind of just like listening to what everyone had to say and I was just kind of absorbing everything into my head, because this was all new to me. So then I came home and I tried to set up some PPC campaigns, and I tried about four or five and I failed miserably. For the first ones, I lost a few hundred bucks. But then I came across chicken coops, and I went to Google Trends, and I saw that for some reason, people were looking for chicken coops at the time. And I was like, “Who would buy that?” But anyway, I just went for it. I set up a campaign, and i was able to start making money from that from the day I set it up. So that was kind of an eye-opener to me.

Michael: And so is that where you’d recommend anyone looking to find their hot market, is to go to Google Trends?

Adam: Well, when I first started – yeah, I went to Google Trends. Well, I first went to keywords, the Google Adwords keyword thing, and then I would just look up different keywords and see if there were a lot of advertisers in that market or whatever. Pretty much the basics, what any newbie does. From there I would just type it in on Google Trends, and it’s like a little graph thing, and if it’s going up, I assumed that more people were searching for it, which means more buyers. And that’s how I kind of thought, “Well, maybe I should give this one a try.” And it actually worked. So that was quite a good little secret I learned there.

Michael: Great. And what should – so many people are really looking into pay-per-click and affiliate marketing. What’s your biggest tip for anybody who is new and starting and sort of at the same position that you were when you were starting?

Adam: I think a lot of people’s struggle is they set up like eight different campaigns and they let each campaign get around 20 clicks. And then they say, “Well, I haven’t made any money or anything.” But I always say to myself that you ought to at least get one campaign going before you start other ones, and the one campaign, you have to at least get it to 100 clicks, because most products will receive about a one percent conversion. So if you just do a bunch of different products and they’re only getting 20 clicks, you’re not going to make a sale for any of them.

You have to just focus on one and get that up to 100 clicks, and then hopefully you’ll make a sale around there, and then you can expand it as long as you’re breaking even and making a profit. And then if you’re not you should stop that one and try a different one.

Michael: And because you have to buy so many clicks, do you recommend that you go to the higher-priced type product because… If it’s so low and you’re spending all the money on clicks, it wouldn’t work out, yes?

Adam: Yeah. Well, when I promote products and it’s actually funny because first started, the first product that I promoted was $10 commission, and I had no idea at the time that you really did need a higher product. I thought you could just make sales instantly off AdWords and all that, and that was not true. And I lost a lot of money there. So you really need to look for products that are – I love to think of products that are over $30 commission, so they can at least cover it, because I – and also, I don’t really spend that much on keywords. I try to spend as little as possible. So I maybe spend around 23 cents, 25 cents per click, and even though you’re not at the top, you’re still going to get the same amount of clicks as getting at the top, but it’s just going to be over a slower time period. But you always still make the same amount of money. I mean, it’s just going to be slower and you’re not wasting as much. And if it doesn’t work, then you’re not wasting as much money at all. So…

Michael: All right. Great. So, like a lot of people, once you learn how to do something, there’s a great opportunity then to teach it and make a lot of money. All right. I know you’ve set up a Website called Tycoon Cash Flow where you pretty much take everyone through how you’ve gone with pay-per-click and affiliate marketing. I really want to go through what you did then, how you’re having such great success. So firstly, what would you recommend to people, anyone who wants to create a product, and preferably quickly?

Adam: Well, I think to create a quick product, the best way to do it is through video. You just buy a program that you can record the screen and you can talk into it just like you’re talking, and I’m talking into the computer right now. And you just talk and record the screen and show them what you did to be successful, pretty much. That’s all people want to see. They want to see step-by-step how you did it. They don’t want to read a lot, they want to watch you talk about how you did it, and they can pause it and follow your steps and all that. That’s definitely the quickest way, I think, too.

Rather than writing out pages and pages and pages of an e-book, I think it’s much quicker to just do a quick video tutorial

Michael: Do you think people don’t mind? Typically a lot of products are just text and images. Do you think they don’t mind that it can be all covered in a few videos, or do you think they even prefer to have a few videos instead of a big, long e-book?

Adam: For my market, I kind of go for the younger crowd, my age. I’m trying to help a lot of kids my age so they don’t have to work at fast food places or they don’t have to go get minimum wage. I want to show them that it is possible to make money online. So, for them, I know they don’t want to sit in front of the computer and just read an eBook. I wouldn’t want to do that. I think of them like me. I would want to watch something. Just like you watch TV, or just like you watch YouTube videos. You watch it and then it’s just much easier to implement things. And it gets your attention. If you’re fun and laid back and stuff, they can relate better to you and it’s just a better connection. And it actually gets them motivated to make a change and start something.

Michael: All right, that’s cool.

Adam: Yeah, well when I first started we weren’t getting much traffic. What I did with my Tycoon Cashflow Website, I did with a partner of mine actually, who is also a little older, he’s 21. His name is Derrick. But we actually didn’t really have much traffic when we first started it. And we couldn’t figure out ways to get traffic. And then, all of a sudden, I was like let’s try to figure out if we could get traffic through going into contact logs and stuff, and seeing if they want to put an affiliate link up on their banner on their Website. From there, that resulted in getting 10 gravity. And then they all got up to 20 gravity. Then when that happened, we started to get people from ClickBank starting to pick us up. And inside of the course, and I think this is important for any course, you should have some viral thing going on.

Derrick and I actually gave away a free course, which is called the Enigma Marketing Method, which we still offer now. And it teaches people how to make money through affiliate marketing, through articles, through SEO’s, search engine optimization, and all that. And inside we used our product as an example.

So a lot of people took our product and re-promoted it. And that upped the gravity of two. And from there it was just a snowball effect and then more people started promoting it.

Michael: Nice. And for those who are listening and don’t understand what gravity is and Clickbank. Would you like to quickly explain that to them?

Adam: Clickbank is an online digital outlet with over 10,000 products that are all digital. So that means you just download them to your computer or you just get access to members area. But you can promote any product that gets accepted onto Clickbank. Which means you can become an affiliate to any of them. And they all offer, I don’t know one Clickbank for audit, that doesn’t offer 50 percent or more commission for the affiliates. Because they’re digital. There is no other money that the owners have to pay for. It’s all done automatically. So they can afford to give out that high of a commission.

But it’s actually interesting, because there’s like 9,000 or 10,000 products on ClickBank, and within those three months of getting Tycoon Cashflow up, we were able to get in the top 100 products on Clickbank.

Michael: Wow!

Adam: Just from Gravity wise. Just from that viral side of it where people would re-promote us inside the product. And just the snowball effect. It was very cool. It went quickly.

Michael: Presumably that’s because you had a great sales pitch or a great product to sell. What do you ultimately put down to the success of the product?

Adam: The thing is, the sales page isn’t like super advanced. It isn’t super crazy and modern looking. It’s just very simple. I think with any sale page now, people are so used to watching video that you need to have some sort of video on there. My sales page is all based around video. So when someone comes they watch. They see me talking to them. I kind of get them through the whole process. It’s me showing them things through video. It’s all video on my sales page. There is just very little writing. I think the video helps the conversion. It helps people feel more comfortable to buy. Because they feel like they can connect to you and that you’re a real person. Unlike if they just see writing, they’re like: “How do I don’t know this person is really real” and all that. So I think the video is a big help.

Michael: We have a lot of young readers, especially from, and they always send this into me. What would you say to them regarding being young in Internet marketing? Because I know when I started, a lot of people didn’t really want to listen to us because we’re young.

Adam: Yeah, I know.

Michael: What do you say to other young entrepreneurs who may be faced with that problem?

Adam: It’s changing. I mean the young people are going to just keep getting more and more into the whole Internet world. The older people are going to eventually fade out. And now all of a sudden the younger ones are going to come into the picture. I think it’s only going to get better for us. Trust me, I went through it too. Even as it went on and on, if you could deliver good content, and you really know what you’re talking about and they can see it in you and you’re passionate about it and all that, then they’ll believe you.

They also like it when you’re young. They think it’s interesting how a young person was able to pull it off. And you can even use it as a marketing advantage for yourself. “I’m this age and I was able to do this.” I think that’s also a benefit of being young.

Michael: Yeah I have seen change in the recent years. I think especially being young went from a negative to now a positive, I believe. You mentioned earlier that you actually have a business partner. What would you say to other people out there who may want to have business partner? Should they? How to go about it?

Adam: Well I actually met him at Stompernet. We were the two youngest people there so we kind of mixed from that. I think if you find someone that you really think knows what they’re talking about and if you like them as a person, then go for it. Because when you have a business partner, it’s much easier to separate. You don’t have everything on your shoulders. It’s a lot easier to just get things pumping. It’s a lot faster to get a course going and stuff like that. I enjoy having a business partner.

Michael: And you never cool out? You never worry that they won’t pick up the slack?

Adam: I mean there are times but you just have to talk to them. They’re normal people just like you. You just have to speak to them and say: “Look this is what’s going on. We have to do this, we have to do that. If you’re not into it, then maybe we should go our different ways.” But you really should figure out before you even get started with that partner, if that’s going to happen. Because you can tell with people. If you guys don’t mix from the beginning then it’s not going to work.

Michael: All right. Cool. Since launching Tycoon Cashflow, you’ve also bought a new product: CellPhone Treasure. A long time, people being one hit wonder. They’ve done it once but they haven’t done it again. I understand that site is another successful Website where you sell another product. Does it get easier with your second product?

Adam: Oh, yeah. It was 20 times easier, because first of all you’ve done it before, so you kind of can look back at what you did on the first one and say, “All right, I did that, I did that. How did it work out?” You answer questions. People ask emails, you answer them. You say, “All right.” And then you have more insight and you have a better understanding of what to do next. And then on top of that you have a huge email list – or a pretty big email list, at least – and then you have all your affiliates that have all opted in. So then you just say, “I’m sending this product out on this day. This is what it is. Go check it out, and if you mind, blasting it to your list as well.” It’s all about, really, networking. If you can get a good list of affiliates, you’re pretty much set for the next product you do, because they do the work for you.

Michael: All right. So your main sales page isn’t really – it’s a squeeze page, I believe. You don’t see the sales page until you opt-in, is that right?

Adam: Yeah, you first opt in. And then you go to the next page where there’s another video of me speaking to you and talking to you a little bit more. And then it says you can get in, you can buy now and get access to the members’ area. So that’s – I just like that whole thing, because I feel like when people come straight to the page and they see a price. Especially if it’s one of those longs sales pages which I’m not into, that’s one thing. But I wouldn’t even go that way from when I started because I like everything to be small and to the point, and so everyone can see one thing on the one page they’ve looked at instead of having to scroll down, like hours and hours of scrolling down.

So I just give them two steps: a video, opt-in, another video, talk a little bit more about it, and then buy now, then get access to the members’ area, and then I come up, back right up with another video of me. Once I’m in the members area and I’m walking through it, it’s pretty much me the whole way through helping them out. That’s what I try to go for.

Michael: And what if they don’t buy once they’ve opted in? Do you do anything after that to try and convince them to buy?

Adam: Yeah. Well, what I do is I actually send them – follow-up them or autorespond to them with a 50 percent off – because I’m like, “Look, times are tough right now. I know that not everyone can afford something, but you should definitely give it a try because I don’t want you to be backing out because you don’t have enough money to make money, you know what I mean? So I try to cut them the best deal as possible so that they can actually get started in finding change for themselves, and I also send them some free courses with the Enigma marketing method, and also I have something called Boot Camp, which is a seven day course that gets sent to them as well. And I try to help them make money there, and then once they make money there, then they’ll go for the course and they’ll have money to purchase it.

So it’s kind of a… Then if they don’t purchase it inside of those two or three courses I give them, that’s the viral effect. So even if I don’t make money out of them or they don’t take action and buy the course, then at least they’re just making money in other ways by promoting our course.

Michael: That’s very clever.

Adam: Yeah.

Michael: So apart from your two products, you also have a blog. Something I’m a huge fan of, having blogs. How do you find having a blog as – do you use it for promoting a product, building a personal brand? How do you use it, and what’s your top tip for readers?

Adam: I really think that a blog is very, very important, especially if you’re trying to build a relationship and you’re trying to brand yourself to your readers or to your customers or whatever. Because by them seeing you and your sales page, if you have a video there, you’re pretty much talking about- I mean, you’re trying to make them buy the product, so you can’t really be that personal and that laid back and stuff. I try to be the best that I can in my videos because I don’t want to be, like, an up-front, pushy salesman, but on your blog I feel like you can really let loose and be yourself and just share what you really are all about and all of what you do on a daily basis, and I think it’s a good place to just have be like your home where you can really be yourself to everyone and where they can communicate with you and comment. It’s just a fun place to have, you know?

Michael: Yes. I understand you’re still at college, but making money online sort of gives a lifestyle that most don’t – what would you describe your Internet lifestyle like?

Adam: Well, compared to a lot of my friends, they are also – they’re all in college, too, and maybe they do babysitting jobs or they work at a fast food place. They work, somewhere they make minimum wage, and I make a lot more than that. So I’m able to buy a lot more things. Like, I don’t waste my money. I’m trying to save up because I want to build equity for myself, and I have a lot of plans to- my goal eventually is to come out with a service, kind of like a social networking service, that- I have a few ideas in my head but I need the money to get started, and that’s what I am striving towards, because it is- I am looking for investors and all that.

So I’m saving as much money as possible, but I do spend on computers and stuff to help my business grow and all that kind of thing. And then TVs and my video games, and I just bought a car recently, a hybrid so I don’t waste gas. So I’m not, like, super spendy, but I do buy a certain amount of things that my friends wouldn’t necessarily be able to buy themselves, you know?

Michael: Naturally. What if it was possible there was actually such a things as a time machine and you could travel back? What would you do differently?

Adam: Well, if I could travel back, I’d travel back and start Facebook. No, but if I could travel back, I don’t think I would do anything differently, because I think I’ve learned a lot on the way, and if I didn’t do what I did and I didn’t start all my Websites and I didn’t fail all those times. I wouldn’t be who I am now. And I think with failing and getting back up and trying it again, failing and trying it again, it kind of builds up something inside of you that you’re not scared of failing anymore, and I think that’s huge. I don’t think people should assume that they’re going to make money within the first thing they do. I think you have to try a few things, like I had to try a few things, and eventually I hit it. I made it through. But you just don’t want to give up – I mean, that’s the main thing – and I was very close to giving up, but I just kept going for because I really – it was a goal of mine to be able to make money online. So you just have to find it out for yourself, give yourself a goal and go for it, and you’ll make it eventually. You’ve just got to go for it.

Michael: Hmm. That’s really cool. What’s the best advice you’ve been given while being an Internet entrepreneur?

Adam: Do what you love. I think that’s very important. You can come out with a bunch of products and stuff. You can come out with products that you don’t know anything about, and you can get writers and stuff. You can get outsourcing, get writers to do it, or get people making videos. But at the end of the day, do you really want to own a product, do you really want to sell something that you don’t like? That you don’t really believe in? I feel like if you’re passionate about something, you should start up something on that and start up a course on that. Something you’re passionate – start up a blog on that. And I think doing what you love is very, very important with anything, but I think especially online.

There’s a saying, “You’re the worst boss.” You could go work for someone else, but then if you’re – you can come back and work for yourself, but if you’re still not doing anything that you like, then you’re the worst boss of yourself. Then you’re just back to working. So I don’t think of this as work. This is fun, this is what I’m doing. And I like to get on a computer and set things up and set up new Websites and all that. So that’s my thing.

Michael: That’s great. So many people have probably failed because they just don’t enjoy what they’re doing. Everyone should probably do what they enjoy, then.

Adam: Yeah. And with the opportunities out there now, there’s no reason that with the Internet the way it is and with social media and with YouTube and Twitter and ways to create Websites for free and blogging, there’s no way that anyone should do something that they don’t enjoy. The opportunity is out there, you just have to to for it and really hustle and if you do that, you’ll make it and you’ll be above the game with what you love. That will be the best thing.

Michael: All right. Well I’m sure everyone who is listening to this who hasn’t yet created a product is dying to know how they can go off today and at least start. Could you just briefly break down what you’d tell them to do right now? What should they be doing straightaway to get this ball rolling?

Adam: Well, first of all figure out what you want to create your product on, and hopefully it’s something that you enjoy, after what I just said. From there you just start- if you want to go the screen recording way, you just get a screen recorder, which is Camtasia, and there’s ScreenFlow for Mac. Camtasia also just came up with one for Mac which I really like. And you just start it: start your course. Start teaching people what you love to do. Once you package it all up, once you make all the videos, then you just set up a simple Web page of you talking, maybe in a video. And say, “Here, opt in,” or whatever, and you send them to the same layout that I have – and that was successful for me, so I don’t know why it wouldn’t be successful for anyone else – and then you just go from there. Go contact some blogs, ask them to put advertisements up from your product that you’ve created. Then put it onto ClickBank so that other people can promote it.

I mean, it’s pretty simple. You’ve just got to start. I mean, the thing is that people feel overwhelmed because they just think about it: “Oh, my, that sounds like so much work.” But when you just do it and when you just start it, then it’ll just go, and once you start it running – well for me, at least, once you start going and once you start really pumping things out, it just goes very quickly. And that’s how I feel it goes. [laughs]

Michael: Wicked. I’ve got a five quick questions to end this interview.

Michael: Firstly, what do you like most about the Internet?

Adam: I like how easy it is to earn a passive income, and how I can be sleeping and I can be playing video games and I can be sitting in math class – which is dreadful, and I hate math so much. But I’m sitting in math class, and I can be making money. I think that’s why I like the Internet so much. It’s also so easy to get your opinion and to get your ideas out to the world, unlike having to hand out business cards and having to go talk people personally. With the Internet, you can put up a video on YouTube and potentially everyone in the world can watch that video if they decided to watch it and if they had Internet access. So I mean the opportunity is just insane. 10 years ago that wouldn’t have been possible, but now we’re right in the time which – the gold rush time, I like to say – and everyone’s rushing to get their spot, and everyone’s trying to really figure out what they want to do online, because anyone can do anything. No matter what age you are, no matter how old you are, or if you’re older, if you’re younger, if you’re 10. I mean, even a 10 year-old can pull something off. It’s just – the opportunity is huge.

Michael: And what do you like least about the Internet?

Adam: Hmm. That’s interesting. What do I like least? I don’t think I dislike anything that much. Well, once you get out there, you’re out there. You can’t really hide with the Internet. You’re kind of like a lifetime documentary of yourself. Once you put something out, once you put a Facebook picture up, once you put your own Twitter up, it’s kind of all adding to a documentary of your life, and that’s going to pretty much be there forever. Even if you delete it, it will still somehow be out there. So just thinking about that, it’s kind of – it’s not scary, but it’s kind of just something that you need to just keep in mind, that you’re always kind of leaving something behind you, and you need to make sure that you do the right things and not pull off something wrong. Because if you do something wrong, then it’s a little hard to pull yourself out of something like that.

Michael: All right, I completely agree. And you’re actually the first person to ever mention that, and it’s a really good point.

Adam: [laughs]

Michael: If the Internet hadn’t existed, what do you think you’d be doing right now?

Adam: I have no idea. I think I was just born at the right time. That’s it. I don’t know. I started out with the home business thing at my school, selling gum to make some extra money, and I was kicked out a few times of classrooms and stuff because you’re not allowed to have gum at school because it gets stuck on the ground and all that. So I don’t know, maybe I’d still be selling gum. I hope not, but… I was just here, I just found the Internet at the right time, and I’m just glad that I’m able to be here right now while things are really exploding. That’s that.

Michael: And who do you look up to? Do you model yourself on anybody?

Adam: I really like Gary Vaynerchuk. I watch his stuff all the time. Even though I’m 18, I watch him on library TV, the wine Website, and I just like – not for the wine part, but I just watch it to see how he does it, and I really aspire to how he is able to pull that off and really build a community on that. And he’s one of them. I also like Frank Curran. When I first started, I was watching Frank learn videos and all that. So I mean, there are a few marketers out there that I watch. That’s really who I look up to, and I’m like, “That’s what I want to be like when I’m older. That’s what I want to do.” So that’s that, I guess.

Michael: That’s really cool. So, any last little bit of advice before you go?

Adam: Yeah. I guess just go for it. No one should be holding you back. If someone says, “There’s no way, you’ll never make money online, everything’s a scam online, blah blah blah, they’re just saying lies to you,” or whatever, this is for you. You don’t have to listen to what other people are – trust me, I went through that day in and day out with my friends and stuff. They did not believe that I could make money online, and then as soon as I did, I think their jaws dropped to the ground. So I think just go for it. Do what you believe is best, and just have fun with it. To me, that’s pretty much all. Just really have fun with it.

Michael: Great advice. All right, thank you very much, Adam.

Adam: Any time.

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