How to Create a Killer Auction for Selling Your Website

What makes one web site sell for more than others? Sure, it almost always has to do with the amount of revenue a web site makes and how popular it is, but it also comes down to how well you lay out your auction listing. The difference between creating a regular listing versus a killer listing could be thousands of dollars, or even 10 to 20 times your monthly earnings.

1.) Post Your Auction on Your Web Site

Who knows your web site more than your audience? Depending on the type of web site you are selling, it might be a great idea to make it aware to your visitors that your site is for sale. If you have an internet marketing blog, there is a good chance your readers might be interested in buying your site. However, if you ran a entertainment or celebrity web site, it would be less likely your audience would want to buy your site.

2.) Provide All Web Stats Reports and Google Analytics

I can not stress how important it is to make sure all of your web stats are up to date and in order. Google Analytics is the platform of choice when it comes to web stats, and Flippa can also verify the legitimacy of Google Analytics. If you are using a different tracking system, I advise you to include Google Analytics in your tracking as well. By providing Analytics, potential buyers of your web site can see where your traffic is coming from based on search engines and geographic location, along with how long they are staying on your web site in addition to other criteria.

3.) Breakdown All Revenue Methods

Just as important as your web site stats, the revenue and financial earnings of your web site will play a big part in the final sale price of your web site. Break down your monthly revenue by source and as far back as you can possibly go. Many web sites sell for 15-20 times their monthly earnings. This can vary depending on the niche and quality of your site, but providing as much financial information as possible will help you get the most for your web site.

4.) Reply to All Questions and Comments

Personal contact and correspondence goes a long way when it comes to buying and selling web sites. More than anything else, it’s a business transaction, but trust also comes in to play. Make sure you take the time answer all questions and comments in detail, and also quickly as possible. Web site auctions have a time limit and not everyone will have time to wait for your answers before placing a bid. Don’t miss out on a high bid because you were too busy to respond to questions and comments in your auction thread.

5.) Reach Out to Webmaster Forums

Just like I mentioned it’s sometimes a good idea to post on your web site that an auction is for sale, it’s also a good idea to visit popular web site and webmaster forums. Web site owners are always looking to expand their business and portfolio of web sites, and your site may be a perfect fit for someone else. If you are already active and have a good reputation in a forum, it can definitely go a long way with other members and users of the forum, helping in the potential sale of your web site.

Become a Web Site Flipping Master

Using these same principles and finding under monetized web sites, which I like to call “hidden gems”, I’ve been able to buy and sell over six figures worth of web sites over the years. Flippa has become the worlds largest market place for buying and selling web sites.

I just finished writing “Flip This Web Site: How to Buy, Improve and Sell Web Sites on Flippa”, a comprehensive 150+ page guide that walks you through the whole process of creating a new web site, finding and buying under monetized web sites and becoming a site flipping master. I would like to invite you to take a look at my new book along with the bonus video series I am including for a limited time.

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