[GET] 2×25 Hyper-Matrix Script with all Pages

A First 2×25 Hyper-Matrix Site Script on Market !

Members get paid for the referrals referred by their referrals and then for their referrals and so on, 25 levels deep without fail !

Admin Earn HIGH Commission on Each new Member !

Come with .PSD Header & Bottom Image Files plus 3 .PSD Banner images files to jump start your site. PLUS 4 eBooks for your members !

Features :

# Main :

— Accepts PayPal, E-gold or StormPay

— Set Subscription option for Paypal or Stormpay

— Automated account creation

— Set Price for Matrix

— Set Payment ID

— Set Emails confirmation for upline and admin

— All pages created for you

— Add Google Adsense code in site Header and Bottom part to earn more … — The MAIN content will be automatically encrypted via Base64 algorithm so nobody can view it !

— Very easy to configure

— You can customize the colour scheme

— Members can view all downline members 25 levels (active or not) deep

— Unique referral link for all members to advertise and fill their matrix

— This is a forced matrix which will offer spillover. Once their sponsor has his/her first level full all other referring members will be spilled over to their downline

# Admin Area :

– Search Members

– View Top 10 Referers

– Member Total

– Send Mails

– Check User Emails List

– Add or Remove Banner Rotator

– Debit/Credit Members Accounts

– Create Redemptions offer for Members

# User Area :

– Download Ebooks

– Select or View Logos and Banners to refer other

– Select or View Text Advertisements to refer other

– Edit their information

– Delete their Account

Buy Now and Start Earning Now … – Free for BHW :D





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